Woman’s Breast Explodes After Cheap Surgery Overseas

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This 24-year-old from Birmingham, UK, headed to Belgium for cheap breast enhancement surgery – but she didn’t quite get what she bargained for. Twice.

Dennie Lees paid S$4800 to have her bust increased from a 34A to a 34F at a clinic in Belgium, but nearly died when her brand new boobs exploded following the surgery.

According to Dennie Lees, just a week after having the procedure done, her breasts began gushing fluid and subsequently burst before she was rushed to hospital and had the implants removed.

Speaking about the experience, she said: “At first I brushed it off but I woke up the next day with the worst fever I had ever had.

I took my sports bra off and it just gushed out, it was like a tap, it was disgusting. I was so scared. My mum and boyfriend took me to hospital with fluid still pouring out of my breasts.

In A&E I had about five or six doctors around my bed hooking me up to all kinds of monitors and drips. It turned out I had blood poisoning and the nurse told me if I hadn’t have come in when I did I would have died during the night.”

But, in this terrifying tale, things only get worse.

To make up for the botched job, the clinic offered her another round of surgery to correct their errors. But surely she didn’t take it? Oh wait. She did.

And guess what? The whole thing happened all over again.

Apparently, as soon as Dennie got back to the UK she felt a ‘ripple’ sensation in her chest, but when doctors checked they found she had become highly infected and yet again removed the implants.

She added: “After I went back to Belgium last week to have the surgery done again, as soon as I landed on the plane back in England I felt a ripple in my left breast.

Rather than going home I came straight back to hospital and when one of the doctors opened the stitches it poured with pus.

I had an operation to remove the left implant on Tuesday so now I have one enhanced breast and one ‘man boob’.”

Lees is using her own experience in an attempt to warn others away from chancing cheap cosmetic surgery abroad.

Remember that even though surgery abroad is cheaper, price should be the least of one’s concern when doing an invasive surgery.

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