Woman in her 20s look 50 after botched plastic surgery where an unlicensed clinic injected banned substance into her face

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Her troubles started when she was 17 and her boss told her that her face was, “too thin and will not bring you luck”.

Xiaolian from Gansu Province in China also described her own face as too thin and cute, thus her desire to improve her own appearance.

She went around to numerous plastic surgery clinics but being a low wage worker, the prices the clinics charged was out of reach for her.

Eventually she settled on an unlicensed clinic that her friend recommended to her.

This was to be a mistake she would regret.

Xiaolian from China botched plastic surgery after visiting unlicensed clinic

Xiaolian had undergone more than 10 injections across multiple visits to the clinic to make her face more plump.

She finally achieved the look she wanted and thought life was going to be blissful moving forward.

Which was not to be.

In 2009, she noticed her face began to swell and changed shape.

By 2013, her face became completely disfigured with her face becoming severely swollen, eye dropping and hair falling off, with her face looking like a woman in her 50s (Do remember that she is only in her late 20s).

Xiaolian disfigured after being injected with banned substance

After testing what went wrong doctors found out that she had been injected with a banned substance called hydrophilic polyacrylamide gel (PAAG).

PAAG had been used in the past for breast augmentation but is currently banned for use in plastic surgery.

Xiaolian is now having corrective surgery at a reputable plastic surgery clinic in Guangzhou, but doctors have warned that the effects of the botched surgery may be difficult to reverse as the banned substance had been in her for too long.

Xiaolian’s doctors have also warned that even for a relatively minor procedure, it is of paramount importance to choose a reputable, trustworthy and licensed clinic/doctor.


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