What’s the fuss behnd K-pop’s 2NE1 plastic surgery?

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Girl groups are more than a dime a dozen in South Korea. So what does it take to stand out from the crowd?

Well, for starters, appearing in a commercial campaign with Big Bang would help.

Having your first EP spawn the number one single which wins you “Song of the Year” at the 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards wouldn’t hurt either.

All these and more were achieved by 2NE1.

This four member South Korean pop group, comprising of CL, Bom, Dara & Minzy were formed by YG Entertainment in 2009 and ever since then they’ve been making waves on the K pop front.

2NE1 plastic surgery

Has the group been making waves on another front as well?

Blog posts have recently dedicated more space to their rumoured plastic surgery procedures than their music.

We’d like to give the girls a fair trial and play judge to their altered or natural faces and we’d like you to play jury on the verdict of it all.


Lee Chae-rin aka CL Plastic Surgery Transformation

2ne1 CL plastic surgery

This 2NE1 plastic surgery post begins with Lee Chae-rin, better known to those in the pop world as CL.

This 24 year old comes from a family of academics but chose instead to pursue the path to stardom.

Has she also chosen to pursue the path to beauty via plastic surgery?

Let’s explore our gathered evidence.

CL 2ne1 plastic surgery

The before picture shows us CL’s face, pre debut.

As you can see, she looks nothing like the knockout superstar she is today.

Based on the before and after picture above, all evidence points to facial alterations of some sort.

Further investigation suggests CL has gotten double eyelid surgery.

How else do you explain the big wide eyes she currently spots?

Is that all the 2NE1 plastic surgery she got or is CL guilty of more procedures? We present further evidence of her constructed path to beauty.

Korea Kpop 2Ne1 Lee Chae-rin CL plastic surgery

If the jury would care to focus on her nose, they will see that she’s gone from world’s ugliest nose to something Korean girls show their plastic surgeons when wanting to alter their noses.

She’s gone from bulbous tip to refined end and what she lacked in height is now more than made up for thanks to perhaps a nose implant she’s got sitting there.

The overall look brings her face into balance, especially since she’s also got seemingly bigger eyes now.


Park Bom Plastic Surgery Transformation

kpop Park Bom plastic surgery 2ne1

Our next subject on trial in the 2NE1 plastic surgery case is Park Bom, also known as Jenny, but best known to fans as Bom.

The 30 year old is a huge fan of Mariah Carey……………..and, as our evidence suggests, plastic surgery.

We have previously written on Park Bom, and if you want an in depth read here’s more on the Park Bom plastic surgery.

Park Bom plastic surgery 2Ne1 korea

Before the fame and the fans, Bom was an unsuspecting ordinary girl with a degree in psychology.

She also looked widely different to what she looks like today. She used to smile at cameras with small Asian eyes.

Well, as evidenced above, gone are the “small, tiny Asian eyes.”

In its place sits big, wide beautiful peepers, complete with the crowning glory of double eyelids.

We’re not sure if she also got aeygo sal or if that is expert makeup she’s got on, but Bom’s puffy under eyelids also help create the illusion of bigger eyes.

We don’t blame her though.

Those new eyes have no doubt helped her win record contracts and more importantly millions of fans, thanks to 2NE1 plastic surgery.

The next 2NE1 plastic surgery procedure she is guilty of is pretty obvious, she might have to skip bail and go straight to sentencing. But we’ll play fair and let the jury examine the evidence as seen below.

bom plastic surgery 2ne1

We don’t have to spell it out for you but Bom is perhaps guilty of rhinoplasty from every angle.

There’s possibly no way out of this one.

Her previously flat stumpy nose has suddenly gone Concord at the tip and the height of her nose bridge has gone from barely there to Taipei 101.

This is perhaps made possible with the help of a silicone implant.

We think her nose looks like something straight out of a Manga cartoon and to be honest looks a little fake.

Park Bom v-line plastic surgery 2ne1 kpop

Further evidence in this 2NE1 plastic surgery trial suggests Bom may have also gotten V line surgery.

Her jaw shape went from a wide U to a very narrow and pointy V, a transformation only achievable by the aforementioned surgery.

This surgery is considered dangerous yet most Koreans are willing to undergo this procedure to achieve a more balanced facial profile.

We quite like the surgery and think it gives her a more feminine look compared to her previous face.

Once again, here’s a more in depth read on the Park Bom plastic surgery transformation.


Sandara Park aka Dara Plastic Surgery Transformation

sandara park plastic surgery 2ne1

Our next member in the 2NE1 plastic surgery trial is Dara, real name Sandara Park.

Dara was born in Busan but moved to the Philippines with her family.

As a result she is fluent in Tagalog. But that’s not the only thing she’s fluent in.

Dara is also fluent in denying speculation she’s got plastic surgery.

They say you’re innocent until proven guilty, and we’ve got the evidence to prove Dara is an accomplice in the metamorphosis of her face.

Exhibit A: her nose.

Dara plastic surgery

While Dara did have a decent enough nose before, we’re guessing the perfectionist in her wanted better.

The shape of the tip remains the same although the alars have been slightly shaved.

This makes her nostrils also more visible than before.

Her bridge may have been raised just enough that her new nose actually suits her face better.

We’ll be giving Dara’s plastic surgeon a call if we ever think of getting a nose job!

Exhibit B: her eyes

Sandara park plastic surgery nose eyes

We think Dara might also have been a willing victim of blepharoplasty.

While her eyes were big by Asian standards, she lacked that exclusive double eyelid to give her that extra oomph!

But get it she did with the help of double eyelid surgery.

Her eyes are now a full inch wider than they were before.

Dara can now smize for the cameras with her beautiful pair of peepers.

This 2NE1 plastic surgery has got the thumbs up from us.


Gong Minji aka Minzy Plastic Surgery Transformation

Minzy Plastic Surgery 2ne1

Our final contender on trial in this 2NE1 plastic surgery case would be none other than Gong Minji better known as Minzy to her fans.

Minzy recently turned 21 but this new adult is no stranger to adult privileges like plastic surgery.

Plastic surgeons have said it’s best to wait till you’re fully grown to get plastic surgery, but from the looks of it, Minzy has not played by the rules.

This young adult has had multiple surgeries that should have warranted a restraining order from her plastic surgeon.

2ne1 Minzy plastic surgery nose eyes chin

Let’s start with the seemingly obvious Minzy plastic surgery: her eyes.

As shown in the before picture, Minzy was all ugly duckling with her typical Asian monolids.

Not to be mean but she was probably one of those people who had to widen her eyes when taking pictures, so you could actually see the iris and not just slits in her face.

Fast forward to the present and our Minzy has made the transformation from ugly duckling to swan and it might be the 2NE1 plastic surgery she’s got to thank.

minzy plastic surgery transformation eyes nose ears chin lips

Just like her fellow group members, Minzy seemed to have gotten on the rhinoplasty bandwagon and had her nose fixed.

Her previous nose wasn’t Korean pop idol material enough, what with its flat bridge and bulky tip so Minzy perhaps had it altered to her liking.

Seems like she (or rather her surgeon) turned her undesirable nose into something fashion magazines and paparazzi found worthy enough of being photographed.

Slim slender and tall is how we’d describe her new nose.

We could perhaps say Minzy cheated the system by achieving what genetics didn’t bestow on her through plastic surgery.


Sometimes plastic surgery is our only self defence against the horrors Mother Nature and genetics have cruelly unleashed on us.

If wanting to be beautiful is a crime, then all of us are guilty as charged. Let’s now go back in time and note the 2NE1 plastic surgery transformation.

2ne1 plastic surgery korea

2ne1 park bom CL minzy Dara plastic surgery

Korea kpop 2ne1 plastic surgry members minzy dara CL park bom

2ne1 rhinoplasty double eyelid surgery korea

2ne1 before after plastic surgery

korea plastic surgery 2ne1

2ne1 korea cosmetic surgery rhinoplasty double eyelid v-line

Minzy CL Bom Dara plastic surgery 2ne1

2NE1 plastic surgery on nose rhinoplasty

2ne1 eyelid double eyelid surgery korea

Korean kpop 2ne1 plastic surgery procedures

2ne1 surgery procedures on eyes, nose, and jaw

2NE1 before and afrer plastic surgery

korea 2ne1 before and after plastic surgery

before after plastic surgery kpop girl 2ne1

2NE1 minzy bom CL Dara cosmetic surgery korea

Kpop girlband 2NE1 plastic surgery procedures rhinoplasty double eyelid surgery

Korea girlband 2NE1 plastic surgery breasts implants

2NE1 korea

Korean 2NE1 aesthetics procedures

[Image credits: kpsurgery, youtube, tumblr, blogs, pinterest]


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