What’s behind Korean actress Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery?

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If you’re a Korean movie star or K-pop idol, one of the things you will have to “endure” as part of your celebrity status (besides the crowd of diehard fans screaming for your autograph and the paparazzi taking your picture) is the constant never ending speculation of whether or not you have got plastic surgery.

As plastic surgery becomes more and more common, with some celebrities even admitting to having had work done (see Goo Hara), South Korea has become more accepting of their pop idols not being the original hunks and beauties they have portrayed themselves as.

Some have been very candid about what they did to achieve their flawless good looks while others have shied away from admitting their surgical past.  And this lack of public admittance is what fuels Korean celebrity fan blogs. You could even say the most important question in Korea is: “Did she or did she not get Lee Min-jung plastic surgery?”

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (1)

Well, in today’s segment, we will be posing that question to Korean actress Lee Min-jung. The superstar began her journey to stardom in Jang Jin’s stage plays, and for a few years she only appeared in supporting roles on film and television, such as Boys Over Flowers.

Lee rose to fame in 2009 with a leading role in popular family drama Smile, You, followed by the hit romantic comedy film Cyrano Agency which won her five best new actress awards in Korea.  Lee Min-jung is not just a pretty face as the actress has a degree in Theater after graduating from Sungkyunkwan University so rest assured this chick knows her stuff.

But enough of that already, we know you’re really here to find out whether or not Lee Min-jung is a natural beauty or a plastic doll so without further ado, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of the Lee Min-jung plastic surgery discussion.

Lee Min Jung Eyes Transformation

First up in the Lee Min-jung plastic surgery is something almost every Korean girl above 18 gets as their college graduation gift from their mothers.  Yes, if you haven’t already guessed it, it’s eye surgery, or more specifically lateral canthoplasty and magic epicanthoplasty. The picture below will help to illustrate further.

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (2)

Lee Min-jung’s plastic surgery eyes seem wider in the after picture which hints at lateral canthoplasty. This surgery helps to open up the eyes at the outer ends, thus making it wider and longer. We can see her eyes were rather short and narrow in the before picture and now they are beautifully long and symmetrical.

As for the magic epicanthoplasty, the surgery is designed to lift the upper eyelid and make them look more wide awake, even in their natural state without having to widen the eyes unnaturally in pictures.

We have to credit Korean plastic surgeons for coming up with this ingenious surgical procedure, seeing as how very few places outside of Korea offer this service. So now you know where to go if you have sleepy eyelids.

Lee Min-jung seems to be one of the few Korean actresses who has yet to get double eyelid surgery. We can’t say for sure she won’t get double eyelid surgery in the future but for now, we do like her eyes just the way they are.  We have to say this Lee Min-jung plastic surgery has been very subtle and had it not been for a before and after picture, it would have been hard to pin the difference between her past and present.

Lee Min Jung Nose Transformation

The next Lee Min-jung plastic surgery we’ve got on our radar is what else a nose job. See if you can spot the subtle difference in the photo below.

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (3)

Now we do know the before picture of this Lee Min-jung plastic surgery was during the star’s younger days. We know that age, weight loss or weight gain does not significantly impact the length or height of a schnoz.

In the before picture, Lee Min-jung’s nose is rather short and big at the end. She does have good nasal height for an Asian, but not good enough to stand out as pretty. Plus the tip of her nose is rather fleshy and doesn’t’ jive well with the rest of her face.

Haven’t you heard the saying: a nose can make or break your face? She’s got the right height going on in the after picture and definitely more shape at the tip. Well if we had to find one fault with Lee Min-jung’s face, it’d be her nose and we’re mighty glad she decided to get it fixed with Lee Min-jung plastic surgery.

We have to admit that analysing the Lee Min-jung plastic surgery has been quite a tough one as the actress seems natural for the most part and the changes done don’t seem to be so in your face.

There really isn’t much of a terribly huge difference in her past and present face. Two surgical alterations seem rather tame in beauty obsessed Korean society. Aside from that very unfortunate time in college where she seemed to have gained a little weight around the face, we can say that Lee Min-jung has been a rather natural beauty (at least when compared to the other plastic dolls passing off as Korean actresses and singers).


Here is Lee Min-jung’s plastic surgery transformation through the years. We have to say the actress is lucky she escaped the horrible Korean square jaw feature and was blessed with a slim, narrow face from young.

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (4)

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (5)

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (6)

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (7)

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (8)

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (9)

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (10)

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (11)

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (12)

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (13)

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (14)

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (15)

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (16)

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (17)

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (18)

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (19)

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (20)

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (21)

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (22)

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery (23)

Lee Min-jung plastic surgery has helped transform her from ugly duckling to beautiful swan and we couldn’t be happier for her.


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