What is Vaser LipoSelection? As shared by Dr Colin Tham

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This doctor opinion is written by Dr Colin Tham.

Sick and tired of those flabby thigh, tummy and arms, that have overstayed their welcome, yet afraid of the tedious recovery period of traditional Liposuction?

Your grievances have been heard and we’ve got just the solution for you – Vaser LipoSelection. So what exactly is this new technology?

Vaser LipoSelection is an ultrasound-assisted Liposuction, an advanced technique of removing unwanted fat from the body. Instead of using traditional suction and physical force to remove fat, Vaser uses patented internal ultrasound probes combined with advanced surgical techniques to achieve better contouring with less recovery time.

This minimally-invasive procedure begins with an injection to the targeted area with a specially- formulated solution via a technique known as tumescent anesthesia. This solution shrinks the local blood vessels to reduce the likelihood of bruising, while numbing the area for the patient’s comfort. The fluid also expands the volume of the treated area, making the fat cells in the region easier to remove.

This done, fine probes are inserted into the skin to deliver ultrasound energy into the fatty layer. High-frequency ultrasound waves from
these probes selectively “melt” the fat,
sparing the nerves, blood vessels and
other important structures from damage
or inflammation.

The fat that is broken
 down, or emulsified, is removed from
 the body through small tubes using
a combination of gentle massage and
suction. Although patients can choose 
to watch the procedure, most prefer to 
be lightly sedated.

Owing to the precision of the 
technique, only fat is targeted, leaving 
nerves and blood vessels intact. Consequently, patients experience less
 pain, bruising and swelling, and can 
usually return to work within one to three days. Since the procedure destroys only the fatty tissue, the results are smooth, shapely and predictable.

In contrast, traditional liposuction uses the physically demanding process – for the patient and the surgeon– of avulsion, in which forceful thrusting movements of the suction cannula are employed to break up the fatty deposits. This often results in trauma to the surrounding tissue. This accounts for the pain, bruising and extended recovery time that typically follows traditional liposuction. This method is also known to sometimes result in uneven skin texture.

Vaser LipoSelection not only has a shorter downtime, but its delivery is also more detailed than the conventional Liposuction procedure. This minimally invasive procedure is also much safer and promises effective fat eliminating results.

With significantly reduced discomfort in post surgery, a safer and more effective delivery as well as a short down time, there’s no doubt that Vaser LipoSelection is the choice for your fat eradicating solution.

Colin Tham Hsien Jen

Plastic Surgeon

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5.0 stars from 3 reviews
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5.0 stars from 3 reviews

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