What is 4-Dimensional Face Lift?

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While aging is an inevitable process that no one can escape, however, much can be done to decelerate the pace of aging. One of the most effective and advance methods to preserve your youth, keeping you looking young and vibrant, is the Minimally Invasive 4-Dimensional Face Lift.

But before we learn about this magical age reversal procedure, Dr Colin Tham shares the essentials of the aging process before understanding how the 4-Dimensional Face Lift helps to counter each aspect of the exasperating aging process.

Aging process

The ravages of time and gravity correlate with aging changes in the human form. From physiological and anatomical changes, the face manifests this with the changes of the skin and supportive tissues. Pigmentation, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and support of the underlying musculature and facial bones occur from degeneration and shrinkage.

Several classification systems are used to describe the aging facial process, but as a rule of thumb, range from mild to moderate to severe. In essence, the face undergoes a continuum of shrinkage with an expanding outer sheath of slackening skin.

In mild aging, there is slight slackening of tissues with mild wrinkles and laxity. Early changes to the periorbital area show a slight hollowing and an oblique groove under the eye to the mid cheek (tear-trough depression), with a hint of a groove from the outer nasal corner to the lip commissure (nasolabial fold).

In the later stages of aging, this line deepens, alongside the trough of the outer corner of the lips (marionette lines), more descent of the cheek fat pad as the cheek bones start to resorb and shrink. The lips start to narrow horizontally, with an increase in lip height, and visible lip lines appear. The skin slackens further, with a loss of contouring at the jaw line, first frontally, then moving laterally (jowls).

What does 4-Dimensional Face Lifting do to reverse aging?

Traditionally, facelifting via invasive or minimally invasive methods have been confined to three dimensional methods of pulling on skin and its deeper supporting structure. This however, only addresses the laxity and sagging of the overlying skin envelope.

With our better understanding of the changes with aging, we know that the decrease in facial volume due to diminishing mass of bone, muscle and fat needs to be addressed concurrently to attain youthful proportions.

Restoration of this volume (volumisation) coupled with traction is known as a 4-Dimensional Face Lift (4-D Lift). The 4-D Lift can be achieved through minimally invasive facial contouring using a combination of fillers and threads.

Fillers such as Teosyal Ultimate remain the most popular option for volumisation, giving immediate results with minimal risk and no downtime. The range of today’s comprehensive range of hyaluronic acid fillers allow pinpoint specificity in matching filler to anatomical location. Troughs, hollows and folds which betray the ravages of time, are filled. Peaks, cheeks and lips which may be mere shadows of youth past, are enhanced.

Traction for sagging faces can be applied with minimally invasive Silhouette Lift threads. Threads have evolved leaps and bounds from the free-floating, barbed lines of a decade ago. Silhouette thread techniques require anchorage to exert a stronger pull necessary for eliminating deep folds.

Three-dimensional absorbable cones, unlike barbs, do not buckle under the greater demands of heavy lifting jowls. Jawlines lost under the disguise of sagging skin are rediscovered. Cheeks flattened by gravitational descent are concentrated and elevated to young cherubic heights.

In the hustle and bustle of modern day living where time is of the essence, the minimally invasive 4-D Face Lift is becoming increasingly popular due to its short downtime and its dramatic, yet natural results.


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5.0 stars from 3 reviews

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