What are the Breast Enhancement options in Singapore?

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The subject of ‘inadequate bust size’ is one that frequently makes its rounds in conversations amongst us Asian ladies. Be it size, shape or volume, the Asian bust is more often than not, described as ‘a major disappointment in every facet’. And when breast massages and bust enhancement pills prove to be nothing but mere myths, many of us find ourselves back to the drawing board in search for the next breast enhancement ‘remedy’; only to be despondent at yet another failed attempt at increasing our bust size. Left with nothing but mounting disgruntlement and a set of ungenerous bust size, we finally turn to the only solution to alter our less well-endowed breast volume.

However, due to the multitude of breast enhancement options in the market, many of us are at a loss when it comes making a decision for our breast enhancement procedure. The dearth of knowledge in the various breast enhancement procedures may leave us baffled and overwhelmed, deterring us from achieving the set of perfect bosoms that we have always dreamt of.

With questions such as “which breast enhancement procedure suits me best?” and “which breast enhancement procedure produces the most natural results?” flooding our minds, it is of absolute importance that your questions are answered before you make the wisest decision for your breast enhancement procedure.

And so, with options such as fillers, breast implants and fat grafting for your breast enhancement options, just which of the three is the best breast enhancement option and is the most suitable for you?

Breast Fillers

FILLERS are the least-used procedure in Singapore. This is because some breast fillers compromise safety, while others interfere with breast cancer detection.

Fat Transfer

FAT TRANSFER involves the extraction of fat from other parts of the body such as the thighs or abdomen and injecting it into the breasts, after subjecting it to the process of decantation.

The fat transfer procedure is one that is demanding and time consuming. Typically done between two and four hours, the fat transfer option for breast enhancement has a fairly short recovery time, with patients being able to often return to work within two to three days post surgery.

What is the result of fat transfer procedure for breast enhancement?

With the fat that is transferred to the breast, the breast volume stabilises after six weeks, leaving a mere scar of about 2mm. Due to the absence of foreign materials used in the fat transfer procedure, this breast enhancement option is considered a natural procedure wherein it produces one of the most natural finishes. Should the breast volume be unsatisfactory, a second “top up” procedure can be performed, giving you the option of ‘adjusting’ your bust size according to your preference.

It is key to note that as the fat transfer procedure adopts the body’s natural fat, the breasts will sag like as per normal, and long-term changes in breast volume will mirror what would occur at the source site.

Breast Implants

While many of us have the flawed impression that BREAST IMPLANTS are large or give an unnatural finish, it is essential that we retune our perspective when it comes to breast implants as an option for a breast enhancement procedure. Not only are breast implants able to produce a natural finish, but it is capable of making up for common deficiencies in both the size or shape of our busts.

Close up on big female silicone boobs

The new teardrop-shaped implants have made a name for itself since its advent. Mimicking the shape of a natural breast, the implants are made of cohesive “gummy bear” gel that comes with a lifetime warranty. Their size and shape remain consistent, regardless of ageing and weight fluctuations, although it should be noted that the breast implant procedure leaves a longer scar as compared to the fat transfer.

While it is no secret that breast implants are made for the aesthetic vanity, breast implants are also helpful it the restoration of process as it is used to reconstruct breasts affected by a mastectomy (breast-removal surgery).

What is the result of breast implant procedure for breast enhancement?

The approximately hour-long procedure produces stable results in a shorter time and with more significant increases in breast size as compared to the fat transfer method. With a relatively low downtime, patients find themselves back at work just a mere day or two after the surgery.

Nipple Enhanccement

NIPPLE ENHANCEMENT can help improve a patient’s self-image while correcting defects that prohibit breast-feeding. This group of procedures can address different problems.

Firstly, they can reduce the length and girth of hypertrophic, enlarged or elongated nipples, common problems that follow pregnancy or breastfeeding. Patients with severely inverted nipples can have them corrected. Inversion happens when the inward pull of the milk ducts is stronger than that of the muscle that pushes the nipple outwards.

When this occurs, patients face difficulty breastfeeding. Secondly, patients with enlarged areolae (the darkened skin area around the nipple) can also undergo surgery to re-size the areolae, giving the breast a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. It is key to note that this procedure does not compromise on the sensitivity in the nipples and does not affect breastfeeding in any ways.

Depending on the procedure, the side effects include mild pain, swelling and occasional bruising that usually wears off after a few days. Patients can continue their normal daily routines within two or three days.

Nipple enhancement takes between one and two hours and can be performed separately or as part of a more extensive breast enhancement surgery.

Looking for a Doctor for Breast Enhancement?

Technological advances have made breast enhancement procedures in Singapore more convenient and safer than ever before, allowing more women to adopt this path to boosting their self-confidence and realise their full potential.

Now, with those pressing questions out of the way, let your breast enhancement research begin and you take one step closer to your perfect pair of beautiful and sexy bosoms.

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