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After making their sweet transition into stardom with their debut in Céci, it seems that rookie group SISTAR has been taking the K-pop charts by storm with hit after hit.

SISTAR is a four-member South Korean girl group formed in 2010 under the management of Starship Entertainment. The group consists of Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou and Dasom.

Sistar plastic surgery


Recently the group were hit by allegations by former high school classmates for rowdy behaviour and a less than pleasant past.

However, the allegations we’re interested in investigating are whether or not the group got SISTAR plastic surgery.


Kim Hyo Jung Plastic Surgery Transformation

We begin our SISTAR plastic surgery investigation with Kim Hyo Jung, better known by her stage name Hyorin.

Kim Hyo Jung Hyorin plastic surgery (1)

Since debuting in 2010, the 22-year-old has often been criticized by the Korean media for her supposed lack of beauty. Her mother has even said she’s not pretty.

With all the negative attention directed towards her appearance, it’s no wonder that Hyorin recently confessed on a recent episode of Korean variety show, Beatles Code that she’s interested to get SISTAR plastic surgery.

Kim Hyo Jung Hyorin plastic surgery (2)

Hyorin has admitted to getting SISTAR plastic surgery done to her eyes, aka blepharoplasty. Her eyes were small and round, not in a cute way, but in a bad way.

The kind of round that hardly allows much of her eye whites to be seen. The before picture shows Hyorin lacking that extra eyelid fold, which she has now achieved with the help of the surgeon’s knife.

Hyorin has admitted to being afraid of anything going near her face, but we’re assuming she has overcome that fear considering she let a surgeon cut her eyelids open!

Kim Hyo Jung Hyorin plastic surgery (3)

Blepharoplasty might be the only SISTAR plastic surgery Hyorin has admitted to in public but we think the singer has undergone rhinoplasty as well.

A quick before and after picture proves our point. In the first picture, there is no divide between her eyes as her nasal bridge is non-existent.

The second picture shows her with a higher nasal bridge and a better augmented tip than previously.


Yoon Bora Plastic Surgery Transformation

Next up in this SISTAR plastic surgery analysis is Yoon Bora, better known by her stage name Bora. Bora was a music major at Myongji University and is the rapper, vocalist and dancer of the group.

Yoon Bora plastic surgery (1)

Being a K-pop star, it’s only natural to suspect a celebrity of getting plastic surgery and Bora has fallen prey to this suspicion as well.

However, in an interview held in Seoul to discuss their future activity, Bora was quoted as saying: “It’s not that I haven’t considered it, but they told me not to get it.

If I open my eyes really big, my double eyelids are there, but normally they’re not. I went to a plastic surgeon to get double eyelid surgery, but the doctor told me that my eyes are actually more attractive and told me not to get it.

Even about her nose, she said, “It’s not high considering I’m a celebrity, but I’m satisfied.” So let’s check if Bora’s SISTAR plastic surgery allegations are right.

Yoon Bora plastic surgery (2)

The pictures above show a collage of Bora pre debut and after her SISTAR fame.

As we can see, she does seem to have double eyelids even before and her eye shape remains the same.

Her eyelids don’t seem to be the standard double eyelid crease that results from surgery, which normally starts the crease right at the inner corner of the eye.

Yoon Bora plastic surgery (3)

We also don’t think she’s got her nose done as this so called before and after shows her with the same nose, right down to the tip!

We think Bora is one of the few Koreans blessed with such a lovely nose although the star admitted that her nose is quite big for celebrity standards.

So there you go. No SISTAR plastic surgery here.


Kang Ji Hyun aka Soyou Plastic Surgery Transformation

Can we say the same thing of fellow group member Kang Ji Hyun, aka Soyou?

Kang Ji Hyun aka Soyou plastic surgery (1)

In a photoshoot for Grazia magazine, Soyou stated that she overcame lack of self-confidence by accepting herself for who she is.

She also shared that her fellow member, Hyorin, really helped shape her positive self-esteem and mentality with her strong mentality and trust in herself.

But then again, Hyorin got plastic surgery, so did Soyou follow suit? We’ll let these before and after pictures speak for themselves.

Kang Ji Hyun aka Soyou plastic surgery (2)

Soyou was no doubt a chubby kid during her younger days. But chubby or not, your nose does NOT lose weight.

And your nasal bones most definitely do not contort itself to become a different shape at the tip. The length of her nose has grown drastically, leading us to believe she’s had a silicone implant to increase the height and lengthen the overall structure.

Perhaps this SISTAR plastic surgery was what helped her overcome her lack of confidence.

Kang Ji Hyun aka Soyou plastic surgery (3)

What other SISTAR plastic surgery did Soyou get to “increase her confidence”?

The before photo is a picture of the singer during her younger days. The after one is a random selca.

From the first picture we can tell Soyou had small round eyes and had very inconspicuous double eyelids.

The after picture shows us someone who has undergone blepharoplasty to get the much desired extra crease on her eyes.

Her larger eyes are certainly more attractive and have probably given her the extra confidence she needs.


Kim Dasom Plastic Surgery Transformation

Next in the SISTAR plastic surgery line up is Kim Dasom, better known to fans as Dasom.

Kim Dasom plastic surgery (1)

Prior to joining SISTAR, Dasom had entered and won various poem and songwriting contests. Dasom made her debut as a member of Sistar on KBS Music Bank.

Recently, there were some nasty rumours that Dasom used to be a school bully back in the day, with classmates releasing stories of how she used to terrorize the school playground.

All these rumours aside, we want to focus on whether or not Dasom has had any SISTAR plastic surgery.

Kim Dasom plastic surgery (2)

The before picture shows Dasom back in her high school days. While we can’t verify if the bullying rumours are through, we can verify that that is one shapely nose.

Dasom did have a long, slender snout before and as shown in both pictures, it remains the same, right down to the tip of her nose.

Dasom is lucky she didn’t have to undergo the horrors of having your nose cut open.

The same can’t be said of her eyes though. Judging from the pictures below, we suspect Dasom of SISTAR plastic surgery to her eyes.

Kim Dasom plastic surgery (3)

While Dasom’s eyes are not dramatically bigger than before, we do notice there is an increase in the size of her peepers due to blepharoplasty.

In the after picture, she also seems to have gotten fat grafting under her eyes to get aegyo sal or “eye smiles” to achieve the cute and innocent look popular with K-pop stars.

Some people have this naturally when they smile but from Dasom’s childhood pictures we know her aegyo sal was achieved through SISTAR plastic surgery.


Now let’s take a look at SISTARs transformation from their pre debut days to the phenomenal success they are now:

SISTAR plastic surgery Kpop Korea (1)

SISTAR plastic surgery Kpop Korea (2)

SISTAR plastic surgery Kpop Korea (4)

SISTAR plastic surgery Kpop Korea (5)

SISTAR plastic surgery Kpop Korea (6)

SISTAR plastic surgery Kpop Korea (7)

SISTAR plastic surgery Kpop Korea (8)

SISTAR plastic surgery Kpop Korea (9)

SISTAR plastic surgery Kpop Korea (10)

SISTAR plastic surgery Kpop Korea (11)

SISTAR plastic surgery Kpop Korea (12)

SISTAR plastic surgery Kpop Korea (13)

SISTAR plastic surgery Kpop Korea (14)

SISTAR plastic surgery Kpop Korea (15)

SISTAR plastic surgery Kpop Korea (16)

SISTAR plastic surgery Kpop Korea (17)

SISTAR plastic surgery Kpop Korea (18)

SISTAR plastic surgery Kpop Korea (19)

SISTAR plastic surgery Kpop Korea (20)

We’re actually pleased to say that compared to other K-pop girl groups, SISTAR seems to be as natural as they get, natural in the sense that they didn’t get the “K-pop combo” surgery almost every other girl group has gotten.

[Image credit: fanpop, allkpop, seoulbeat, lastfm, onehallyu, kpopstarz, wallpaperup, asia-247, billboards, soompi, asianjunkie]


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