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They rose to popularity in 2008 with “L.O.V.E” and their retro-dance number “How Come.” Their position in the K-pop world was cemented with their worldwide hit “Abracadabra” which featured the now globally recognised dance entitled “The Arrogant Dance.”

If you don’t know who we’re talking about you must be living in a cave because Brown Eyed Girls is currently the hottest commodity in the K-pop market.

Brown Eyed Girls Kpop

The favourite pastime of the tabloid press is discussing which South Korean actress and K-pop singers have and haven’t had plastic surgery.  In the case of the Brown Eyed Girls, speculation is rife that all of them are plastic surgery clones.

However, all those rumours were put to bed when the group came clean and admitted to having had Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery done.

Heck, they even poked fun at themselves by recording a parody version of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” for SNL Korea called “Plastic Face.” You’ve got to admire them for their bravery!

So. Now that we’ve got that out of the way and we KNOW they have done plastic surgery, let’s work to figure out which parts of their faces they’ve altered.


JeA (Kim Hyo-jin) Plastic Surgery Transformation

We begin our Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery discussion with the founding member of the group, JeA, real name Kim Hyo-jin.

JeA Kim Hyo-jin plastic surgery brown eyed girls

JeA was a member of the original soundtrack group 3point before her debut in Brown Eyed Girls, so if anyone knows a thing or two about show business, it’s definitely her.

The harsh realities of the entertainment industry must have got to her as we can see she looks different to what she used to look like back in her 3point days.

JeA rhinoplasty procedure plastic surgery

As with most Koreans, JeA has gone down the rhinoplasty route and had her nose fixed.

We clearly see her go from non-existent nose bridge to something tall and well defined in the centre of her nose. Her alars have been significantly reduced and the previous “piggy” shape of her tip has been smoothed out.

Her current news is a work of art, a 10 over 10 given the massive reconstruction her surgeon had to put up with. If there’s hope for JeA, then there’s hope for the rest of us!

JeA plastic surgery double eyelid surgery

The next Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery JeA got was for her eyes. We can see from the first picture that she did indeed have double eyelids from young.

However, the corners of her eyes were short and the muscles of her eyelids were droopy, thus giving her asymmetrical looking eyes. We think ptosis surgery to shorten the droopy eyelid muscle has helped give her less sleepy looking eyes.

Also, lateral canthoplasty has helped cut open the corner of her eyes, thus making it wider horizontally, as shown in the after picture.

This Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery has helped transform Jea from plain Jane to hottie superstar!


Miryo (Jo Mi-hye) Plastic Surgery Transformation

Our next line up in the Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery is none other than Jo Mi-hye, better known by her stage name Miryo which comes from her childhood nickname Jomiryo, the name of a Korean seasoning.

Miryo plastic surgery

This South Korean rapper certainly adds flavour to the girl group with her powerful rapping skills and dance moves.

Just like her fellow group mate JeA, Miryo has admitted to going under the knife, although she has kept mum about exactly which procedures she’s got done. Well, that’s what PlastyTalk is here to do.

Miryo (Jo Mi-hye) plastic surgery

So the collage above tells us all we need to know about the Miryo Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery.

There are so many features to focus on, but we’ll focus on her eyes, or, in the case of the before picture, her lack thereof. Miryo’s eyes were nothing spectacular in the first picture. They were the common East Asian eyes, found on pretty much 99% of the people in Korea.

After double eyelid surgery, Miryo’s eyes have become the alluring, big, wide eyes they are now. Now that her eyes are open and wider, we can see more of her iris unlike previously.

Perhaps she’s also had lateral canthoplasty, because the sides of her eyes are longer, horizontally and have this beautiful upturned shape.

Miryo V-line jaw surgery

We venture to say Miryo has also had the infamous V line surgery as pictured in the photos above.

We can see her jawline is more pointed in the after picture as compared to before, where her jaw is short and more U shaped than V.

V line surgery shaves the sides of the jaw bone to create a more narrow, slender front view for the person, hence the V shape.

As Asians usually also have short faces, it helps to create the illusion of a longer face, lending balance and harmony to the other Asian features.

Miryo nose surgery rhinoplasty

Your typical Asian plastic surgery will never be complete without getting a nose job to perfect the look.

Unfortunately, most Asians have broad, thick, fleshy noses which detracts from the harmony of their other features as well as gives them a really ugly profile view.

Brown Eyed plastic surgery Miryo has dealt with that issue by fixing her nose so that it looks beautiful from every angle.

Her current nasal bridge would actually look weird on a regular Asian face, but since she’s fixed her other features, it manages to sit well on her face.

The height of her bridge suits her and lends her a beautiful profile view compared to previously. We see her tip has been raised but the shape remains the same.

We’re liking what we see so we’re giving this Brown Eyed plastic surgery a thumbs up!


Narsha (Park Hyo-jin) Plastic Surgery Transformation

Our Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery continues with third member Narsha.

Narsha, real name Park Hyo-jin originally wanted to be a pianist when she grew up but her ambition changed after watching Insooni sing on TV.

Narsha plastic surgery Korea kpop

Narsha had her heart set on becoming a singer, and considering her powerful set of vocals, we couldn’t think of a more suitable career for her.

Unfortunately, just like her fellow group mates, Narsha has seem to also make a career out of getting Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery.

Narsha (Park Hyo-jin) plastic surgery

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That sentiment somehow doesn’t apply to South Korean girls and their noses. Apparently, if it ain’t sharp, go fix it seems to be the motto, which is perhaps why almost every Korean celebrity we know is rushing to the plastic surgeon to get their schnoz fixed with rhinoplasty.

We don’t know how Korean surgeons do it, but it seems like every other Korean celebrity has the same nose, as if they were ordering spare parts from a factory line.

Narsha’s nose is no different. It’s sharp, slim, slender and all the other adjectives one would use when describing a typical Western nose, a far cry from her pre debut days with her bridgeless nose. All this beauty was achieved with Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery.

Narsha eye surgery plastic surgery

There aren’t many childhood pictures of Narsha floating on the net but from what we’ve gathered the singer has had ptosis surgery done to lift her droopy, hooded eyelids.

This Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery shortens the muscle that causes the eyelid to sag before it’s time, a common trait in Asians, making them look tired or sleepy.

In the after picture, the singer can afford to wear black eyeliner (which supposedly makes your eyes look smaller) and still have eyes that appear larger than the before picture.



Ga-In (S0 Ga-In) Plastic Surgery Transformation

Our Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery review will not be complete without a mention of Ga In, born So Ga-In.

So Ga-In plastic surgery

The youngest member of the group failed an audition for the popular South Korean reality series Let’s Coke Play! Battle Shinhwa!.

According to Ga-In, she was crying in the bathroom following her failed audition when she was approached by composer Ahn Jung Hoon, and was invited to audition at Brown Eyed Girls’ company and the rest is history!

Ga-In eyes plastic surgery double eyelid

Ga In has a lot to smile about these days, not least because she’s got a better life, and a better face. It wasn’t until recently that Ga In admitted to having Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery on her face, although what exactly she didn’t specify.

However, from the pictures above, we can make our own conclusion that she did her eyes and got lateral canthoplasty.

Her eyes have become bigger and increased in horizontal length. We see how much better she looks with bigger eyes.

By global standards, Ga In’s eyes aren’t especially big, even after plastic surgery, but when compared to her original eyes, they’ve definitely improved in size. This Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery has got to be the most subtle one we’ve seen thus far.

Ga-In rhinoplasty nose job

What other Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery has Ga In done? Well from the shocking before and after pictures above, we reckon she’s had a little nose job as well.

Well, little is an understatement considering the large silicone or Gore-tex implant sitting on the bridge of her nose to make it higher and longer.

Fun fact: while your nasal alars can be trimmed to not appear so broad, the actual thickness of the flesh will remain constant, thus betraying the fact that your nose is not 100% original.

Regardless, we like Ga In’s Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery nose much better!


Let’s take a walk down memory lane as we view the Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery transformation through the years.

Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery korea kpop (1)

Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery korea kpop (2)

Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery korea kpop (3)

Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery korea kpop (4)

Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery korea kpop (5)

Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery korea kpop (6)

Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery korea kpop (7)

Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery korea kpop (8)

Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery korea kpop (9)

Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery korea kpop (10)

Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery korea kpop (11)

Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery korea kpop (12)

Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery korea kpop (13)

Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery korea kpop (14)

Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery korea kpop (15)

Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery korea kpop (16)

Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery korea kpop (17)

Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery korea kpop (18)

Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery korea kpop (19)

Brown Eyed Girls plastic surgery korea kpop (20)

We like the transformation of Brown Eyed Girls but more than their next plastic surgery, we’re sure fans would be more interested in their next album release.

[Image credit: allkpopstarz, neogaf, onehallyu, wattpad, fanpop, seoulbeats]


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