7 Visible Signs of Aging in Asians

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Be it our difference in gender or nationality, we all come to the similar conclusion that aging is the worst!

Did you know that your neck, hands and eyes are delicate areas to pay particular attention to, in your attempt to cover up the piling age?

Did you also know that both men and women age at different speeds?

Like all things that are unfair in life, women face the brutal process of aging much earlier than their male counterparts, hence the need for not only consistent, but also early preventive measures.

But it is more than just the different genders that bear clear disparity in the aging process, Asians, unlike our Caucasian counterparts age differently.

Just what are the 7 most telling signs that aging is well underway for us Asian ladies?

It’s best to detect and tackle those sneaky signs of aging before it’s too late!

1) Dark spots

Dark spots, melasma or commonly known as hyperpigmentation is one of the surest signs of aging for us Asian ladies.

We find our once clear and bright complexion conquered by the nastiest and most hideous of dark spots, causing the facial countenance to look ‘dirty’ and unsightly.

With many culprits behind these repellent dark spots such as UV exposure and other environmental issues, we ladies find ourselves put into checkmate when it comes to dealing with this hyperpigmentation affair that we can’t seem to shirk.

With dark spots being every woman’s nemesis, it is heartening to know that there are indeed solutions to combat dark spots.

Laser treatments that directly target this stubborn hyperpigmentation will help to rid the dark spots off your face, giving you that clean and clear complexion that you so desire.

2) Sagging skin

Sagging skin is awful, and there are just no two ways about this.

As we age, elastin fibres break down, causing our skin to sag and stretch. Pair that with UV damage, and our skin loses its natural ability to snap back after stretching, making the saggy skin a predication we ladies, simply cannot avoid.

But it isn’t just the loss of elastin and UV damage that are contributors to saggy skin.

Did you know that with age, comes the gradual loss of our skin’s ability to shed dead skin cells?

Making it one of the key factors leading to saggy skin!

Not only does floppy and saggy skin add years to us, it essentially places a wedge between youthfulness and us.

However, all hope is not lost as aesthetic procedures such as medical grade skin peel that aids

in the process of removing dead skin cells, and threadlift which gives giving your saggy skin the lift and tightening that immediately rejuvenates your facial contour.

3) Dull complexion

There is something about a young lady that is thoroughly absent in middle-aged women – that glow.

That magically glow that reflects youth and radiance are quickly snuffed out when we hit the aging years.

And with the usual suspects such as, exposure to UV rays, biological and environmental factors that we just cannot avoid, at play, it’s no wonder that magical glow of youth wanes with age.

A dull complexion not only attaches added years to you but also exudes an overall impression of being worn and gloomy, which may not leave the best impressions.

Thankfully, a dull complexion can be reversed with microdermabrasion; the most effective and safest technique that exfoliates dead skin cells, restoring that youthful glow you thought you’d lost for good and reversing the signs of aging.

4) Wrinkles

This is a no brainer here. Wrinkles are basically aging, officially knocking on your door.

The most repulsive thing about wrinkles is the furtive manner in which they make their entrance.

One day you’ve got a smooth and taut complexion, the next, you’ll find those sneaky lines tracing the ends of your eyes and the sides of your mouths.

As aging creeps up on us, we produce significantly less collagen than before, resulting in thinner and more fragile skin.

With less support, wrinkle formation comes with ease.

But it is essential that we tackle this first sign of aging as wrinkles can take over our face in no time should we disregard them.

So, when the first streak of wrinkle emerges, head on down to your trusty aesthetics doctor for a botox and non-invasive laser treatment to laser all that crease away for that perfectly smooth countenance.

5) Dry skin

Sadly, it isn’t just saggy skin that comes about when aging sets in.

Dry skin, another common phenomenon is an agony that aging Asian ladies experience.

Alongside sun damage, the aging body also produces lesser natural oil, causing our skin to dry out and lack the necessary moisture.

But more than just that, the loss of hormones as we age also leads to a desiccated skin.

Like a shrivelled fruit, dry skin causes us to look much older than we actually are and not to mention that pale complexion (ugh!)

When it comes to dry skin, it’s all about moisture, moisture and more moisture.

And when consuming truckloads of water and slapping on layers of moisturising just aren’t doing the trick, aesthetic procedures such as microinjection give your skin that instant boost of rejuvenation, hydration and whitening.

So let your skin drink up for that revitalising glow!

6) Patchy skin

What’s worse than dry skin? Patchy skin!

As if dry skin isn’t doing its best to bring out the worst in us (aesthetically), patchy skin tags along in this game of ‘who can make the aging process more painful’.

It’s not like we don’t already know that UV exposure and the breakdown of elastin cause a myriad of problems for our skin as we age. But guess what?

Patchy skin has decided to join the signs of aging party, in making aging an even more tormenting process to deal with.

Our saggy, wrinkly and stretched out skin results in the blotchy and patchy skin as we age, giving our facial countenance that uneven and unattractive appearance.

When faced with uneven skin, a combination of Ultherapy and laser procedures that help to stimulate collagen growth is the way to go for zapping that blotchy skin away.

7) Open pores

Sorry ladies, if there’s anything airbrushed we’re hankering after, it’s only going to be brushed away as we hit out the late 20s and beyond, making it a thing of the past.

Our skin’s inability to shed off dead skin as we age causes our pores to enlarge, making the appearance of our pores much larger than our heydey.

But that’s not all!

The elasticity of the skin, which is responsible for a tauter skin texture and making our pores appear smaller, weakens with age, thereby resulting in more dilated pores.

Frequent exfoliation of the skin does help to postpone the resurgence of enlarged pores.

However, nothing works more magically than microdermabrasion and medical grade skin peel to tighten your pores, giving you that flawless airbrush look of youth.

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