Is there any truth to the Felicia Chin plastic surgery rumors?

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Being one of the 7 princesses in Mediacorp, it is only normal that her life, both public and private, is brought under close scrutiny.

While it seemed like she was not quite perturbed by her fan’s reactions after changing her name from Cheng Feng Ling 陈凤玲 to Cheng Jing Xuan 陈靓瑄, however, when rumors of her ‘new’ bought face started to brew, the Mediacorp artiste, Felicia Chin, did not take things as lightly as before and was clearly overwhelmed by the deluge of critics and speculations.

Despite facing heavy-handed interviews about her plastic surgery buzz, Felicia Chin had initially vehemently denied getting any plastic surgery done.

But old pictures of her that surfaced on the Internet have proven otherwise.

Although the Mediacorp princess has recently admitted to having plastic surgery, however, we find it too little too late.

Let’s compare Felicia Chin back in 2003 where she first debuted and now.

You must be thinking what exactly came over Felicia Chin when she decided to deny her plastic surgery procedures? You’re not alone because we too, were wondering the same.

Felicia Chin Plastic Surgery

It might not have been that smart a move to deny a double eyelid surgery in the first place considering the pronounced pair of double eyelids replacing the initial tired looking eyes.

Looking at the picture, it is pretty obvious that Felicia Chin has at least undergone eyelid surgery.

So with Felicia Chin finally coming clean on her new pair of eyes, it leaves us to wonder if there were other plastic surgery procedures Felicia Chin had undergo that she might have kept under wraps?

Felicia Chin before plastic surgery

In order to get some answers, let’s study her closely to find out more.

This was Felicia Chin in 2003.

Her natural self isn’t what we would deem a typical beauty.

A harsh panel of judges might even rate her a 5.5 out of 10 on her appearance.

The ‘then’ Felicia Chin did not exude the kind of beauty people had a penchant for.

Boy might not even be turning their heads for a second glance if she were strutting down the streets.

Felicia Chin after plastic surgery

Fast forward to the year 2012.

Felicia Chin has undergone quite the stunning change.

A head-turner with a very much revamped face.

Sure she might have acquired better make up skills and possibly better wardrobe, but that face, strike out ‘average’ and replace it with ‘gorgeous’!

So what transformed Felicia Chin from a mediocre lady into a head-turner of today?

Let the pictures do the talking!

The Felicia Chin plastic surgery transformation – Eyes

Felicia chin double eyelid surgery


The Felicia Chin plastic surgery transformation – Eyes The ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pictures, speak volumes of Felicia Chin’s plastic surgery journey.

She has come out to admit undergoing double eyelid surgery.

In the ‘before’ picture, we can see that Felicia Chin has single eyelids on her right eye and a slight double eyelid crease that is somewhat hidden under the thick fold of her top eyelid.

The celebrity initially claimed that she hadn’t done any plastic surgery procedure but had adopted double eyelid stickers to enhance her double eyelid crease.

Suspicion was basically spewing in all directions after her claim, simply because, while double eyelid tapes do help to make one’s double eyelids more pronounced, we acknowledge that the stickers have their limitations.

They do not have the capacity to elongate your eyes or to widen the slit of the eyes to make the eyes bigger.

So how do we achieve Felicia Chin’s ‘After’ eyes?

Notice how Felicia Chin’s eyes are more equal looking in the ‘after’ picture?

In order for her to correct the size of her unequal eyes, a double eyelid surgery was definitely the way to go.

The surgery not only equalized the size of her eyes, but we also see that the width of her eyes, have also increased, making them bigger and less slit-like.

Next, observe the gap length between Felicia Chin’s eyes in both pictures.

Notice in the ‘before’ picture, Felicia Chin’s eyes are further apart and the length of her eyes slits are much shorter and more compact since she doesn’t have a long eye slit.

However, in the ‘after’ picture, the distance between her eyes is shorter and her eyes have also become more elongated and less beady.

For such a transformation, Felicia Chin would probably need to have cut both the inner corners (epicanthoplasty) and outer corners (lateral canthoplasty) of her eyes to lengthen the slit of her eyes and thereby ‘opening’ her eyes.

For a clearer illustration, look at the pictures below and you’ll see a huge transformation in Felicia Chin’s eyes.

Felicia chin eyes procedure


Felicia Chin eyes double eyelid surgery

Felicia Chin epicanthoplasty


The Felicia Chin plastic surgery rumors – Nose

Felicia Chin nose job rhinoplasty

So th question begs, did Felicia Chin went all out and had a plastic surgery transformation in her nose?

Well, maybe?

Since it might take a while for the celebrity to confess a plastic surgery procedure she had undergone, as proven in the previous surgery, let’s allow the pictures to do some investigation.

In the ‘before’ picture, notice that Felicia Chin’s nose is slightly bulky? She has what we call a ‘button-nose’ where the tip of her nose is rounder and has meatier alas (wings of the nose).

Well, it really could be because of her initial slit-like eyes that causes her nose to stick out like a sore thumb.

So what may Felicia Chin have done to her nose (if she did any)?

For her to achieve a thinner looking nose as seen in the ‘after’ pictures, Felicia Chin probably might have undergone a nose job (Rhinoplasty) where she snipped the excess meat in the wings of her nose (alarplasty) for a more refined and less bulbous looking nose.

The Felicia Chin plastic surgery rumors – Breast

Felicia Chin breast augmentation surgery

With a possible nose job done, we can’t help but allow speculations of a possible breast augmentation to filter in.

So, does the Felicia Chin plastic surgery transformation involve the breast department?

Eyes and nose aside, we believe the most important question for many of us… Did Felicia Chin get a breast augmentation?

How did she become an ‘A’ cup in the ‘before’ picture to possibly a ‘C’ cup in the ‘after’ picture?

Some have argued that she could be a late bloomer, however, that’s quite a head scratcher, considering the picture taken in the ‘before’ was years after puberty where growth spurt is close to negligent.

While others argue that it is a job well done by a heavily padded bra, we do entertain other possibilities such as a job well done by an eminent plastic surgeon, perhaps?

A breast augmentation does look possible Felicia Chin’s breast looks very much fuller than before.

And since she has a petite frame, it does not seem feasible for such huge (pun not intended) transformation within a short period of time.

So was it the late blooming, the insanely padded bra or was it just simply a breast augmentation that transformed Felicia Chin into a shapelier individual?

We’ve provided the pictures and deduction, is all on you to decide.

So now that we have analysed Felicia Chin from head to toe, now let’s take a look at Felicia Chin’s gradual transformation to get to the looks she has today.

Felicia Chin before plastic surgery transformation

Felicia Chin before plastic surgery

Felicia Chin plastic surgery admits

Felicia Chin plastic surgery before and after

Felicia Chin mediacorp actress before plastic surgery

Felicia Chin plastic surgery before after

Felicia chin surgery

Felicia chin mediacorp artiste plastic surgery

Felicia Chin before and after plastic surgery

Felicia Chin breast surgery

Felicia chin eyes nose surgery

Felicia chin plastic surgery after

Felicia chin breast implants

Felicia chin admit to plastic surgery

Hot sexy mediacorp Felicia chin plastic surgery rumors

The media has initially painted Felicia Chin a more tomboy-ish individual since her debut in 2003.

With her short haircut and rather lackluster façade, Felicia Chin was never quite considered the princess she is today.

Sure, her acting skills are undeniable and did help her rise to where she is today, however, we cannot deny that her gradually changing appearance has also contributed to her success today.

After all, looks and appearance are everything in the eyes of the media.

The Felicia Chin of today possesses the star quality that lacked years before.

With her acting skills honed coupled with the drastic image change, a true star is born.

So when Felicia Chin pretends to crack under pressure, denying the procedures that were instrumental to her rise to stardom…

To that we say.. Star Awards 2019, we know who to vote!

Felicia chin admitting to plastic surgry

To that we say..

I don't even... whatever

[Image credits: wordpress, sgclub, sgforums, blogspot, youtube]


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