The truth behind Kpop SNSD Plastic Surgery

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Their hit single ‘Gee’ catapulted them into stardom in 2009, causing the world to erupt at the slightest allusion to the girl band.

Originally a 9-member group, now 8, Girls’ Generation aka SNSD, has been greeted with much fanfare in many countries over the years, having a fan base that stretches so far and wide, it even reaches the West.

SNSD Plastic Surgery

With the youngest member at 16 and the oldest at 18, the group of nine teenagers came together and debuted in 2007.

It has since been 7 years that SNSD came about and certainly, much has changed.

The girl band has evidently metamorphosed from a group of cute and innocent girls into a bevy of gorgeous and sophisticated young ladies.

While there is much conjecture about the group, undergoing the knife to achieving a more polished side of them, just how much did the members of SNSD transform?

Were the SNSD plastic surgery transformation rumors true or were they simply fluff sprouted by the tireless and unrelenting media?

Let’s find out.


Choi Soo-young Plastic Surgery Transformation

Choi Soo-young SNSD Plastic Surgery

Let’s begin the SNSD plastic surgery analysis with Soo-young.

From the ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture, it does look like Soo-young has undergone quite some change.

It seems like some alteration has been done in the key facial features such as the eyes, nose and jaw.

Choi Soo-Young Eyes Transformation

Choi Soo-young SNSD eye surgery plastic surgery

We see that Soo-youg has rather uneven sized eyes to begin with.

Her left eye is evidently smaller than her right and her double eyelids are partially hidden.

She also has a longish eye shape in the ‘before’ picture.

Looking at the ‘after’ picture, it seems like Soo-young’s eyes has become wider, taking away that long slit-ish touch to it in the ‘before’ picture.

In addition, we also see that her double eyelids are more pronounced that before.

Could it be a double eyelid surgery and a Lateral Canthoplasty that helped achieve her new set of sharper eyes?

Choi Soo-Young Nose Transformation

Choi Soo-Young SNSD nose rhinoplasty plastic surgery

Next, let’s talk about Soo-young’s nose.

Clearly, Soo-young has done some changes to her nose.

In the ‘before’ picture, we see that Soo-young has quite a broad nose bridge and also a chunkier nose tip, with the wings of her nose outspread.

Now, in the ‘after’ picture, Soo-young’s nose bridge is not only higher but it is certainly narrower.

And it gets better, her nose tip is now longer than alas of her nose, which goes to show, she has rid off the bulbous wings of her nose, making them much tamer and smaller than before.

Choi Soo-Young Jaw Transformation

SNSD Choi Soo-Young jaw plastic surgery

The biggest Soo-young plastic surgery transformation is her jaw.

Soo-young has quite a strong jaw in the ‘before’ picture and she has a rather round-ish face shape.

However, with a wave of a magic wand, it seems like Soo-young has achieved a much smaller face and a more distinct v-line.

Perhaps some botox could have helped along the way.


Kim Tae-Yeon Plastic Surgery Transformation

Kim Tae-yeon SNSD plastic surgery

We now go to the leader of SNSD, Kim Tae-yeon for another closer look at the SNSD plastic surgery transformation.

Quite a huge change for Tae-yeon too, don’t you think?

Kim Tae-Yeon Eyes Transformation

Kim Tae-Yeon SNSD eyes plastic surgery double eyelid surgery

Tae-yeon’s eye shape remains pretty much the same in both the ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture, a lovely tear-drop shaped kind of eyes.

But the most distinct difference is that Tae-yeon’s eyes has become not only wider, but also longer.

To achieve that, Tae-yeon must have adopted Lateral Canthoplasty to widen her eyes.

Kim Tae-Yeon Nose Transformation

SNSD Kim Tae-Yeon nose plastic surgery

The biggest Tae-yeon plastic surgery transformation is undoubtedly her nose.

Tae-yeon is unfortunately, plagued by the big nose syndrome.

She has the typical Asian nose where the nose bridge is short and stumpy and a pair of alas that like an only child, is insome serious need for attention.

In the ‘after’ picture, Kim Tae-yeon removed every unflattering aspect of her nose.

Through a well thought out rhinoplasty procedure, she lengthened and heightened her nose bridge, shaved off the flabby sides of her nose and ta-duh, a beauty has descended upon us.

Kim Tae-Yeon Jaw Transformation

Kim Tae-Yeon SNSD jaw plastic surgery

Again, we see that Tae-Yeon has a pretty broad face in the ‘before’ picture.

But in the ‘after’ picture, we see a pretty drastic transformation to her face shape, it has evidently become much sharper and smaller.


Kwon Yuri Plastic Surgery Transformation

Kwon Yuri SNSD plastic surgery

Next up, Kwon Yuri.

Born with a pretty face, you just cannot believe she would even consider plastic surgery.

Well, Yuri, being the prettiest natural beauty in the lot (in our opinion) likewise did some alterations to her façade.

Which goes to show, not one member can escape the clutches of the SNSD plastic surgery transformation.

Kwon Yuri Eyes Transformation

Kwon Yuri SNSD Eyes plastic surgery transformation

We must say, we almost could not believe our eyes when we saw these two pictures.

They are almost completely different persons and we say, the eyes are the culprits.

In the ‘before’ picture, Yuri has a set of really appealing and sweet looking eyes.

An almond shaped eyes with hint of double eyelids that made her eyes glimmer with endearment whenever she smiled.

However, Yuri’s façade changed very drastically when she decided to change up the shape of her eyes.

We see that Yuri has done a double eyelid surgery to thicken her eyelid crease and also cut up the sides of her eyes to widen her eyes, making them bigger and more dilated.

While it did make her eyes bigger, it unfortunately caused her to lose that sparkle she had with her then set of seriously adorable eyes.

Kwon Yuri Nose Transformation

SNSD Kwon Yuri nose plastic surgery

Yuri did not possess the slimmest of noses but we felt it was really not too bad.

Apparently, Yuri thought otherwise. Trimming the wings of her nose and raising the height of her nose, Yuri has now achieved the celebrity standard of the ‘ideal’ nose.

Kwon Yuri Jaw Transformation

Girls Generation Kwon Yuri jaw plastic surgery

In the ‘before’ picture, Yuri has a much broader bottom half of her face.

If you realize, the distance between her bottom lip and the tip of her chin is much further in the ‘before’ picture, than it is in the ‘after’ picture.

Overall, her face looks much sharper and shapely than before.


Jessica Jung Plastic Surgery Transformation

Jessica Jung SNSD Plastic Surgery

While Jessica Jung has left SNSD, we will still discuss about her procedures as she was one of the original founding member of SNSD.

It has been rumored that Jessica has undergone the most number of surgeries in the entire SNSD clan, transforming the ugly duckling of the group, into one of the sharpest looking members in SNSD.

So how did the SNSD plastic surgery transformation change Jessica?

Let’s take a look.

Jessica Jung Eyes Transformation

Jessica Jung SNSD eyes plastic surgery

Do we even need to explain what Jessica has done to her eyes?

We think it’s pretty obvious.

But for those who may not have the most discerning eye, let us explain more.

In the ‘before’ picture, it is clear that Jessica has a pair of uneven eyes and double eyelids.

If you look closer, Jessica’s left eye has a slight but vague looking double eyelids while her right eye is almost as good as single lidded.

As you glance to the right at the ‘after’ picture, we see that Jessica miraculously achieved equal sized eyes with a much more noticeable double eyelids.

Jessica must have undergone a blepharoplasty to not only equalize her eye shape, but also to create a more distinct set of double eyelids.

Jessica Jung Nose Transformation

Jessica Jung SNSD nose plastic surgery

Comparing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture, we see that Jessica’s nose has completely lost any form of naturalness in it.

Her nose bridge is pencil straight and has taken on a rather unnatural height.

Of course, not forgetting the tidying up on the sides of her nose, making them as inconspicuous as possible.

Jessica Jung Jaw Transformation

SNSD Jessica Jung Jaw Transformation

The biggest transformation for Jessica has to be her jaw.

It is as though Jessica has taken on another persona.

Is the ‘before’ really the same person as the ‘after’?

If so, a lot must have been done to achieve the above.

To begin with, Jessica has a rather long-ish face, which many would call a ‘horse’ face.

It is clear that Jessica did not take that nickname with a pinch of salt, instead she took it and hurled it right back at her haters.

To achieve the drastic transformation, Jessica changed her entire bone structure at her jaw.

She must have shaved her jaw to shorten the lower part of her face and then possibly adding chin implants to attain that v shaped finish.

Jaw shaving does sound pretty nerve wrecking. But hey, at least Jessica is horse face no more!


Im Yoona Plastic Surgery Transformation

Im Yoona Plastic Surgery before after

Just when you think the SNSD plastic surgery transformation cannot get any juicer.

Well, think again.

We now present Im Yoona.

Judging from the ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture, we’re sure you can tell that Yoona has indeed gotten her fair share of plastic surgery procedures, bringing her to where she is today.

Im Yoona Eyes Transformation

Im Yoona SNSD eyes plastic surgery

Oh, isn’t she so delightful with that cute impish smile?

But her set of small squinty eyes just does not cut it for that celebrity status and by golly, did Yoona change that up.

With a more pronounced set of double eyelids and a wider, bigger set of eyes, Yoona is now officially part of ‘team attractive’ in the eyes of the public.

Im Yoona Nose Transformation

SNSD Im Yoona Nose plastic surgery Transformation

So with the eyes out of the way, naturally, like her other sisters in the group, Yoona had to get her nose fixed.

In fact, the picture on the right is taken during the recovery period of her rhinoplasty procedure.

We see that her nose bridge is swollen from the surgery but it is of course, only a small price to pay considering Yoona looks much more sophisticated and put together in the ‘after’ picture.

Im Yoona Jaw Transformation

Im Yoona SNSD jaw plastic surgery

Like Jessica, Yoona’s most drastic plastic surgery procedure is her jaw.

Again, we see that Yoona has quite a long and strong looking jaw. Since a strong, long jaw essentially massacres any traces of femininity, Yoona saw the need to have that fixed.

In order to get to where Yoona is today, the SNSD member had her jaw shaved to make them shorted and smaller, allowing her to achieve that highly sought after feline, feminine face.


Tiffany Hwang Plastic Surgery Transformation

Tiffany Hwang SNSD Plastic Surgery

It is not easy to outshine the rest of your girl members when they are all so fabulously gorgeous.

And Tiffany is living proof of it.

Ranked 4th in the popularity polls, Tiffany ‘s mediocre rank has given her all the more a reason to up her game.

Tiffany Hwang Eyes Transformation

Tiffany Hwang SNSD eyes plastic surgery

Tiffany started off with a very average looking façade and the celebrity is not about to settle.

From both the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, we see that Tiffany has done quite a bit to her eyes.

The once slit-like and uneven eyes have now transformed into a very sharp and sultry looking eyes.

They say the eyes can make or break an individual’s appearance and can we say, they got that so right.

Tiffany Hwang Nose Transformation

Tiffany SNSD plastic surgery nose

Along with her mediocre looking façade, comes a huge bulbous nose.

While Tiffany did not have a short and stumpy nose, she indeed had a huge nose.

A nose that had to either be rid off or changed for the better.

And change she did.

Since Tiffany had a relatively high nose bridge to begin with, all she had to do was to make some changes to the broadness of her nose bridge, making them more slender than before.

Tiffany Hwang Jaw Transformation

SNSD Tiffany Hwang Jaw plastic surgery procedure

Having the typical flat and broad face with masculine jaw like every other Korean possesses, Tiffany knew she had to go big or go home with her jaw surgery.

With the help of some jaw shaving and a touch of Botox, Tiffiany soon became a more feminine looking celebrity with a more acceptable jawline.


Sunny Lee Plastic Surgery Transformation

Sunny Lee SNSD plastic surgery

And then we have Sunny Lee.

Sunny is regarded the ‘tomboy’ of the group since she does not quite possess the most feminine features to begin with.

A set of ordinary eyes, a bulbous nose and round U-shaped face, Sunny is not what many would identify as a celebrity.

In fact, when placed in a crowd, Sunny would blend in so effortless into the norm and be easily overlooked.

And so, Sunny had to make some pretty drastic changes, SNSD plastic surgery style, in order for her to enter into the world of stardom.

Sunny Lee Eyes Transformation

Sunny SNSD plastic surgery eyes

Like every other member of SNSD, Sunny also opted for a blepharoplasty.

Notice how the procedure immediately removes the boyish and childlike element in her and instantly adds a more feminine touch to her?

Because bright and sparkly eyes are the fad for that female celebrity stature, Sunny is sure to not give that procedure a miss.

Sunny Lee Nose Transformation

SNSD Sunny Lee nose plastic surgery

Throughout our scrutiny on the SNSD plastic surgery transformation journey, we have witnessed how bulbous noses have the capacity to decimate one’s appearance.

Clearly, a huge and bulbous nose has done Sunny in.

Not only does she look frumpy and kiddy, she certainly didn’t seem to have the caliber to be in only the biggest and most popular girl group in Korea.

Just look at how the rhinoplasty has changed Sunny’s appearance for the better.

Sharper nose bridge 
Less bulky alas 

And we’re good to go.

Sunny Lee Jaw Transformation

Sunny Lee SNSD Girls Generation Jaw plastic surgery

The change is clear because the change is drastic.

From a roundish U-shaped face to a visibly V-shaped jawline, Sunny definitely looks a trillion times more feminine and demure.

Gone are the days she looked boyish and unrefined, the Sunny we have now is nothing but a hot sexy lady.


Kim Hyo-Yeon Plastic Surgery Transformation

Kim Hyo-Yeon SNSD Plastic Surgery Transformation

“The ugliest of the group”.

“She looks like a hulk”.

“Her nose is in dire need of help”.

Kim Hyo-yeon falls victim to these harsh and demeaning comments and sure, pictorial evidences of Hyo-yeon’s younger days have raised much aversion to her looks.

Hyo-yeon has had many alterations done along the years to help her fit better into the SNSD image.

Kim Hyo-Yeon Eyes Transformation

Kim Hyo-Yeon SNSD Eyes plastic surgery

First off, Hyo-yeon’s eyes. Looking at the inner corners of her eyes in the ‘picture’, you see a very distinct cut, opening up her eyes, giving it a more cat-like effect.

The inner cut aka Epicanthoplasty, also narrows the gap between the eyes, making the distance between her eyes far lesser.

Kim Hyo-Yeon Nose Transformation

SNSD Kim Hyo-Yeon rhinoplasty plastic surgery

When we say Hyo-yeon had a huge nose, we really actually mean ginormous.

Although we feel bad for Hyo-yeon, especially since many keyboard warriors have called Hyo-yeon really nasty names due of her huge nose, but girl, she seriously needed to get that nose fixed.

We see how Hyo-yeon’s nose has an immediate effect on her overall facial façade.

In the ‘before’ picture, her huge nose has essentially stolen every ounce of attention from her other facial features, making her look rather unladylike.

But in the ‘after’ picture, we see that the rest of her facial features are more proportionate and an even amount of attention is given to the other features, allowing us to appreciate the overall beauty she exudes.

Kim Hyo-Yeon Jaw Transformation

Kim Hyo Yeon of Girls Generation Jaw Transformation

We know that both Jessica and Yoona have one of the more terrible sets of jaws in the group, but none were as bad as Hyo-yeon’s.

While Jessica and Yoona had a long face, they however, did not possess a square-ish and manly set of jaws like Hyo-yeon.

Of course, for her to achieve a slimmer and more feminine facial structure, Hyo-yeon had to also shave the sides of her jaw.

The difference between the ‘before’ and ‘after’ is simply astounding.

We see that her countenance has taken on a softer touch and that, ladies and gentleman, is the magical touch of a jaw reduction procedure.


Seohyun Plastic Surgery Transformation

Seohyun SNSD plastic surgery

Last but not least, we present to you, Seo Ju-Hyun, also known by her stage name as Seohyun.

In our opinion, Seohyun did the least procedures out of the lot.

Although Seohyun was quite pretty in her pre-debut pictures, but as we all know, everyone in the group has to have equal treatment or they might just feel left out.

And because the public held SNSD in high reverence, Seohyun, although almost perfect, fell short of expectation and had to have a taste of the SNSD plastic surgery transformation.

Seohyun Eyes Transformation

seohyun SNSD eyes plastic surgery

Seohyun, in the ‘before’ picture had rather closed eyes.

They were seemingly small and did not have the distinct tear-drop eye shape that she has in the ‘after’ picture.

Evidently, Seohyun’s eyes are much bigger and wider in the ‘after’ picture, giving her a very innocent, puss-in-boots like eyes.

Seohyun Nose Transformation

Seohyun Nose plastic surgery transformation

Seohyun’s nose in the after picture definitely looks sharper and smaller.

Yes, you guessed it right, the flabby nose wings are gone for good and Seohyun just upped her attractiveness level from a 7 to a 9.

Seohyun Nose Transformation

SNSD seohyun jaw plastic surgery

Unlike the others in the group, we believe that Seohyun did not do much to her jawline.

We see that Seohyun has a naturally sharp face and it simply was some shedding of baby fats that resulted in her sharper and slender face.

Lucky Seohyun!


And there we have it, all 9 members of SNSD with their ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures.

Along the way, we have witnessed some jaw-dropping (no pun intended), transformation in some of the girls.

But one thing’s for sure, the SNSD we see in 2007 is no longer the SNSD we see today.

From young and cutesy to sexy and sultry, just like Singapore-Taiwan Mandopop twins duo By2.

We simply can’t wait for the next wave of transformation to begin!

And here is the song that started it all….

[Image credits:,,, allkpop, soompi]


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