Can I treat Adult Acne with Agnes Acne Treatment?

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Acne, one of life’s most cruel prank, is one of the trickiest skin conditions many fall prey to.

Red, swollen cystic pimples are a nightmare for all, who are plagued by this skin condition but the true horror of acne lies in that, it knows absolutely no boundaries.

If you think that Acne is a condition that only afflicts the adolescents, think again because in truth, Acne can attack just about anyone and can make its unwanted appearance at any stage in life.

While many of us are familiar with the sight of acne filled faces on adolescents, we might not be as accepting when acne comes knocking on the door when we reach our mid 20s or any time after the permissible ‘acne stage’.

For many, adult acne is something that they would have to deal with, after a mere few years of respite from adolescent acne.

Just when we thought we have graduated from the adolescent hood with our cleared up skin, the relief is short lived. Before we know it, we are hit with yet another bout of acne, this time round, adult acne, which comes back with quite a vengeance.

So what is adult acne and how does it come about?

And the more pressing question, just what is the solution (if any) behind the pesky bumps that never seem to take their leave?

What is Adult Acne and what causes it?

For us to conquer our foe, we must first understand them inside out!

Which begs the question.

Just what exactly is adult acne? Men might be pleased to know that Adult Acne targets their female counterpart more than them, but that’s not to say, they are off the hook.

One of the key culprits behind Adult Acne is none other than fluctuating hormones.

This usually rear its ugly head in the form of deep painful cystic acne around the chin, neck and back.

Also, adulthood brings about its set of stress and it is exactly this bulk of stress that causes our hormones to go out of whack.

The age of the 20s isn’t just a confusing age for many, who are finding their footing in life.

It seems like our skin is facing the same bout of confusion, purging its dislikes that it once took great pleasure in.

Suddenly, there are food allergies you never knew of and pimples that never once stood a chance on your silky smooth face, start to make its presence felt.

Stubborn as it sounds, Adult Acne’s Pimples (big or small ones) regenerate on the same spot.

In many cases, the pimples clustered around cheeks, chin the neck area and take twice as long to get rid off.

Adult Acne may also be deceiving at times as they seem to have cleared after a few months, however, they will soon make their way back at the same spots as the pores are essentially “damaged”.

Once these pores are damaged, they have the capacity to affect the other pores, causing them to “malfunction” too and before you know, you come face to face with a face full of acne.

So now comes the urgent question. What is the solution to this vexatious condition?

Agnes Acne Treatment!

What is Agnes Treatment?

 The Agnes Acne Treatment promises a permanent improvement to acne breakouts without the side effects of anti-acne drug therapy.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it is what it sounds.

The perfect remedy for acne prone skin.

The Agnes Acne treatment is one of the most effective, if not, the most effective treatment, in the extermination of Acne, as it targets the root of the problem.

Since Acne is essentially an inflammatory disorder of the hair follicle arising from sebaceous glands, the elimination of these culprits will effectively reduce acne.

As these sebaceous glands are removed, the acne condition vastly improves and targeted areas are unlikely to recur, thus making Agnes Acne treatment an effective long term solution for acne patients.

Now that you know the solution to your acne woes, just who should you turn to for help?

Dr Gerard Ee from the Clifford Clinic.

Why Dr Gerard Ee from The Clifford Clinic for your Agnes Acne Treatment?

With 18 years of experience in acne treatment, The Clifford Clinic has substantial knowledge behind all things acne related.

Having met with various patients with differing acne background, Dr Gerard Ee knows the exact remedy for each acne case.

Unlike the traditional methods of acne treatment, Dr Gerard Ee and his team of experienced doctors at

The Clifford Clinic have a least 10 different treatment technologies and a unique set of treatment protocol that is designed for patients with different acne related issue.

What is done during the Agnes Treatment and what to expect?

The Agnes Acne treatment is essentially a 2 step procedure.

At The Clifford Clinic, the nurses will first spread a layer of numbing cream which will be left on for about 20-30 mins.

After which, a simple extraction is done. After which, Dr Ee will diligently and thoroughly target each “damaged” pore with the Agnes treatment machine.

For many, the pain level of the Agne Acne treatment is one that is definitely tolerable. Many have akin the experience to that of rubbing band snapping on the surface of your skin.

After the treatment, do expect much redness and allow some downtime for the skin to recuperate. Many patients have described their faces feeling warm in the post Agnes Acne treatment.

Dr Gerard Ee also encourages his acne patients to return to the clinic the next day for a procedure called the RF treatment. This is also an essential step in the healing process as it helps to sooth and disinfect the affected areas.

For patients who suffer from acne, we understand that the treatment of acne is one that requires patience. Dr Gerard Ee advises to seek more than one Agnes Acne treatment in order for more obvious and lasting

For most patients under Dr Gerard Ee, they are able to see significant improvement to their acne condition by the 2nd Agnes treatment.

Dr Gerard Ee has helped countless acne patients reclaim their self-confidence with his expertise in acne related conditions.

To Dr Gerard Ee, the Agnes Acne treatment has proven to deliver the most ideal results and is still one of the best treatments to combat acne problems.

Remember, acne doesn’t have to haunt you for life. Say no to Acne with the Agnes Acne treatment at The Clifford Clinic today.

Gerard Ee

Aesthetic Doctor

24 Raffles Place
#01-03 Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621

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4.9 stars from 3 reviews

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