13 things to know before a Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular procedures in the plastic surgery realm, helping boost women’s self-esteem with an addition cup size or two.

For ladies who have always wanted to get a pair of bigger and perkier bosoms, it is crucial for you to understand what to expect of this procedure. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon, you can find a breast augmentation Singapore surgeon.

We’ve come up with 13 most important tips you should know, should you be considering a breast augmentation procedure.

1. Cut down on exercise before breast augmentation procedure.

You are encouraged to stop exercising their chest muscles two weeks before their surgery as this helps to minimize post-operative pain and can also reduce intraoperative bleeding. Also, if you are the kind to do exercise regularly, try to ease up on your exercising routine at least one day before your surgery to keep your body hydrated for the breast augmentation surgery.

2. Maintain a healthy diet and avoid drinking alcohol a week prior to your procedure.

While there is no special diet required before a breast augmentation, however do include good protein, vegetables, low salt foods before the surgery. Ensure to get plenty of rest and take as little pain medication as possible to keep constipation on the low. Since bleeding is one of the most frequent post operative complications of a breast augmentation surgery, it is also advised for you to stop all nutritional supplements including omega 3 containing fish oils and excess garlic since some of these supplements contribute to blood thinning and cause bleeding.

3. Try to walk after the surgery everyday but keep it 30 minutes per session, this helps de-swelling.

A customized workout regimen can dramatically improve results of your post breast augmentation surgery. While every patient is different, it is advised to plan a workout program that is customized to your fitness levels and overall health.  Patients generally feel better physically and mentally from light exercises as it takes away the stress of post surgery.  Some light cardio exercises such as strolling, walking on a very slow setting on a treadmill, or cycling slowly on a stationary bike can be considered.

4. Lift your arms overhead 5 times per hour, this helps stretch out the pectoral muscle, however be sure never to overuse the pectoral muscle.

The simple exercise of lifting your arm overhead 5 times per hour helps to reduce swelling in the hands which can sometimes happen in post breast augmentation surgery. But it is crucial to not overwork the pectoral muscles since the majority of breast implants are placed underneath the major pectoral muscle. Never lift anything heavier than 10 pounds or  engage in any form of weight lifting, push ups or pull ups during the initial recovery stages.

 5. Keep heart below 100 for at least 2 weeks.

It is crucial to maintain heart rate below 100, 2 weeks post breast augmentation surgery as decrease blood pressure helps to prevent bleeding in the pockets after surgery. An increase in heart rate during the two week recovery period can increase swelling and such hyper-swelling can lead to stretch marks. Taking that down time also means a faster and better recovery and it is also a way to avoid complications.

6. Maintain a healthy diet after breast augmentation procedure.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and whole grains and stay away from greasy and unhealthy fats. Such unhealthy fats increase inflammation, while healthy ones decrease it. Fruits and vegetables and foods that are rich in fibre decrease inflammation. Keep your fibre intake to at 30 grams a day and also limit yourself to 2,000 to 3,000 calories per day. It is also important to keep away from salty foods as high consumption of salt in the body after surgery will cause the body to swell.

7. Take at least 1 week off work.

It is very important to take sufficient time off of work and have a good rest after breast augmentation. The rest time taken allows tissues to heal and the capsules to form properly. Since muscles and other tissues are cut during the breast augmentation procedure, those tissues can bleed or form scar tissue or worse still, get infected if ample time is not given to properly recuperate and tend to the surgery site. Most patients can return to light duty in 5-7 days while heavier lifting activities take 3-4 weeks after surgery.

8. Wear a medical grade compression bra after surgery.

Wearing a medical grade compression bra is crucial in your post breast augmentation recovery. This special bra provides extra support and accelerates the healing process, allowing you to return to daily routines much quicker. The compression aspect of the bra diminishes risk on scar tissue creation and is careful not to irritate the incision site. The compression bra also helps to minimize swelling, improves blood circulation and also helps to flush out potentially harmful fluids out of your body cavity. Making sure that your implants are in the correct position at at given time, the compression bra also helps your skin fit into its new shape and contours.

9. Reduced sensation in your breasts and nipples is normal during immediate recovery period.

It is completely normal to lose slight sensation to your breast and nipple after your breast augmentation procedure since the sensory nerve to the nipple and areola are stretched by the implant. Although the risk of permanent sensation loss is very low, it is takes about 3-6 months before the sensation returns. If you have opted for larger implants, you will be subjected to a higher risk of sensation changes. Breast massage is recommended to speed recovery and help alleviate any discomfort.

10. It is normal for breasts to look rigid and feel unnatural.

You will find your breast sitting way up on your chest right after your breast augmentation with post-operative swelling. Time is required for your existing skin and tissue to get situated around the implant.  Your surgeon places the implants in a specific place on purpose as it is a necessary part of the process so that your final result looks at ease with the rest of your body. Your breasts will start to look and feel more natural within a few months of surgery after breast tissue, muscle and skin starts to accommodate to the implants.

11. Breast will take at least 6 months before it starts to feel ‘natural’.

You have to exercise some patience after your breast augmentation as you’ll only feel that your breasts are more natural after approximately 6 months and you’ll have to wait another 6 months for your breasts to be fully mature and soften. Go for breast massages to hasten the process.

12. Only start treat scar treatment after incision is completely closed.

Ensure that incisions are properly closed before starting on the scar treatment program, which normally occurs 2-3 weeks after breast augmentation. A non proper closure can cause a bad scar. Other scar lessening methods include Silicone Sheets that are taped over a scar, helping to reduce scarring. Invest in Vitamin E also helps by working on the collagen fibers, making the scar softer and more malleable.

13. Make sure to find a good plastic surgeon that can deliver the ideal results you want.

Getting a professional plastic surgeon that specializes in breast augmentation is your best bet to prevent post surgery complications that might end up incurring more cost. Also, a trained and professional plastic surgeon will ensure to keep your scarring to a minimal, giving you the perfect  breasts you have always dreamt of.


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