Thai girl took 8 years of plastic surgeries to look like Kpop’s Nichkhun of 2PM

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This Thai girl idolised Nichkhun of 2PM so much that it took her 8 years of plastic surgeries to finally look like her idol.

For those who don’t follow K-pop, Nichkhun’s parents are Thai-Chinese though he was born in America. Being scouted at the age of 18 by JYP entertainment was the start of his journey to K-pop stardom.

First let’s take a look at Nichkhun.

Kpop Nichkhun of 2PM

Nichkhun of 2PM

Teddy (nickname) was born in Thailand as a woman.

Her biggest idol is Nichkhun of 2PM, and being that he is also Thai, she is able to relate better to her Kpop idol.

According to Asiantown, Teddy set out to change her looks in order to look like Nichkhun and it took her a total of 8 long years for her to achieve the look she wanted.

Let’s take a look at how Teddy looked like before:

Thai girl gets plastic surgery to look like Nichkhun of 2PM

Teddy of Thailand

Teddy undergone multiple plastic surgeries to look like what she is today. In the following picture, you can see her just after alar reduction surgery to make the nose less bulbous.

Thai girl gets alar reduction rhinoplasty to look like Nichkhun  Kpop

In the following picture, you can see her lip augmentation procedure:

Teddy lip augmentation fillers to look like Kpop 2PM nichkhun

Here you can see her double eyelid surgery:

double eyelid surgery to look like Nichkhun 2PM

And perhaps the most invasive procedure to her face is chin augmentation and jaw shaving procedure:

Jaw and chin augmentation to look like Nichkhun of 2PM kpop

Here are some before and after shots of her midway through her plastic surgery procedures.

Thai girl look like Nichkhun of 2PM


Thai girl changes to look like her Kpop idol Nichkhun

Here is Teddy’s transformation to look like Nichkhun of 2PM.

Thai girl transformation to look like Nichkhun of 2PM

Thai girl Teddy changes to look like Nichkhun of 2PM Kpop

Take a look at the transformation over the years.

Teddy of Thailand gets plastic surgery to look like Nichkhun of 2PM

Finally here’s a side by side comparison of Teddy and her idol.

Teddy and Nichkhun comparison

[Image credits: Soompi, Asiantown, Instagram]


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