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Is there any truth to the Felicia Chin plastic surgery rumors?

Being one of the 7 princesses in Mediacorp, it is only normal that her life, both public and private, is brought under close scrutiny. While it seemed like she was not quite perturbed by her fan’s reactions after changing her name from

All you wanted to know about Dawn Yang plastic surgery

Voted Singapore’s hottest blogger, Dawn Yang has since gained much popularity and has made significant appearances in the media scene. Toggling between pretty and sexy, her sweet and spicy demeanor sends men into fits of hysteria and women, fits of jealousy.

Plastic Surgeons share the top 3 procedures in Singapore for first half 2015

With Singaporeans getting more and more open to the idea of plastic surgery, the cosmetic department in Singapore has gained much traction over the last decade. In fact, cosmetic procedures are garnering so much attention in Singapore that topics on ‘lunchtime

A guide to Xiaxue’s plastic surgery journey

Have you always wondered about Xiaxue’s plastic surgery experience? The queen of the Singapore blogosphere, Xiaxue was in fact one of the first to post online all about her plastic surgery and aesthetics experiences. At that point in time, she obviously