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Shocking Botched Rhinoplasty from Cheap Plastic Surgery Clinic in Thailand

An unnamed woman from Hat Yai, Thailand, has shared horrific photos of a shocking botched nose job that left a silicone implant poking through her skin. The brave patient wanted to send a warning to others considering the surgery after she

Woman in her 20s look 50 after botched plastic surgery where an unlicensed clinic injected banned substance into her face

Her troubles started when she was 17 and her boss told her that her face was, “too thin and will not bring you luck”. Xiaolian from Gansu Province in China also described her own face as too thin and cute, thus her

Japanese porn star Rina Nanase’s extreme plastic surgery transformation

Rina Nanase is a 25 year old Japanese porn star who acts under the screen name Rumi Kanda. As all of Asia knows, Japanese porn stars’ videos are highly sought after because of their kawaii looks and white soft skin, and

Netizens claim EXO’s Kai beyond recognition from botched plastic surgery

And so, yet another K-pop idol has fallen victim to the ubiquitous plastic surgery culture in South Korea. The only thing that’s different this time round, it’s a male idol! While it is no secret that plastic surgery is almost mandatory

Woman’s Breast Explodes After Cheap Surgery Overseas

This 24-year-old from Birmingham, UK, headed to Belgium for cheap breast enhancement surgery – but she didn’t quite get what she bargained for. Twice. Dennie Lees paid S$4800 to have her bust increased from a 34A to a 34F at a clinic in Belgium,

Look at how Michael Jackson would look like without his addiction to Plastic Surgery

He started out modestly enough — by just wanting a different nose. In the end, after up to 100 procedures, he was desperately trying to repair the damage done by reckless and botched operations and injections. Michael Jackson, surely the most

Teacher’s lips turned BLUE after Groupon deal Fillers treatment gone wrong

This teacher wanted lips like Kylie Jenner – but botched treatment left them blue, lumpy and sore. Amelia Greville, who lives in Bangkok, thought she had spotted a bargain when she saw a deal for Juvéderm lip fillers on Groupon. The 24-year-old,

Botched nose job in Bangkok leaves this Singaporean disfigured

They say that when life throws you lemons, make lemonade. But more often not, that’s easier said than done. What happens if this curve ball that’s hurled in your way brings about more damage than you can ever imagine. That is

Look at the shocking botched surgery of this Thai model after doctor secretly injects silicon into her face

Thailand is known for 2 things. 1) Beautiful girls 2) More beautiful girls. With a country filled with eye candies, it’s no surprise that many Thai ladies are paying a visit to their plastic surgeons in hopes of becoming their country’s

[Graphic] Plastic Surgery addiction goes horribly wrong for Miss BumBum

Andressa Urach is a 27 years old model from Brazil. She was crowned runner-up in Brazil’s Miss BumBum contest 2012. Miss BumBum is a nationwide hunt to find the lady with the best rear end. The winner of the contest receives endorsement