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Guide to Ultherapy

Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment which uses safe ultrasound technology to lift and tighten the skin naturally. This procedure works by stimulating collagen production by delivering focused ultrasound energy to the skin’s foundation layer typically addressed in cosmetic surgery—without cutting or disrupting

Guide to Lateral Canthoplasty

Lateral canthoplasty is known as the process which elongates the lateral or outer (toward the ears) aspect of the eyes. This is a very suitable operation for eyes that need horizontal enlargement to create bigger and brighter looking eyes. This procedure is performed at the

Guide to Epicanthoplasty

The epicanthic or epicanthal fold is a skin fold of the upper eyelid that covers the inner corner (medial canthus) of the eye. It can be present in people with or without double eyelids. Epicanthic folds have a tendency to make