Superfan takes 8 years of plastic surgery to look like Fan Bing Bing

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Recently, a superfan look-alike appeared on the popular Chinese singing competition show “Super Girl,” astonishing the audience with her incredibly near resemblance to one of China’s most famous actresses – Fan Bing Bing.

Girl get Fan Bing Bing plastic surgery

He Chengxi, has spent the past 8 years going under the knife to make herself look like the always graceful Fan Bingbing. Her boyfriend even supported her in her dream, opening up a plastic surgery clinic of his own to help out.

Girl get Fan Bing Bing plastic surgery 2

After her appearance on national television, Fake Fan Bingbing’s pictures began to spread all over the Chinese internet with many web users commenting that they really couldn’t tell which was a picture of Fan, and which was fake.

Girl get Fan Bing Bing plastic surgery 3

However, most netizens on Weibo weren’t all that crazy about He Chengxi’s borrowed looks anyway. “Although it is possible to make yourself look exactly like Fan Bingbing, it is impossible to mimic her aura. So why do people still want to do it? Why can’t they be happy with their own looks,” commented one netizen.

Girl get Fan Bing Bing plastic surgery 4

“I wonder what is going on in Li Cheng’s mind? To see so many girls looking exactly like his girlfriend online and on the street,” another wrote in, referencing Fan Bingbing’s current boyfriend.

He Chengxi is certainly not the first Chinese woman to have gone to extreme measures to look like Fan Bingbing. Thanks to her distinctive white skin, pointed chin, big eyes and fine nose, Fan’s face has become the envy of many, and the most popular template for plastic surgeons, offering procedures named after her.

Girl get Fan Bing Bing plastic surgery 5

Earlier this month, one desperate mother threatened to disown her daughter on live TV, after she had blown S$170,000 in 2 years on 20 operations, all to try and look more like the superstar actress.

Can you tell who is the real Fan Bingbing in the images below?

Girl get Fan Bing Bing plastic surgery 6

Girl get Fan Bing Bing plastic surgery 7


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