Jade Rasif Plastic Surgery: Did it help this Singapore DJ get famous?

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A smoking hot DJ, a New Face first runner up and a model, Jade Rasif seems to be the ultimate package of sweet and spicy.

Commanding a $1000 per-hour set, Jade Rasif is one of the most highly paid, if not, the most highly paid DJ in Singapore. Yet, Jade Rasif was a name unheard of mere years ago when she was DJing in smaller gigs – a far cry from her current status.

But what has propelled the 24-year-old into the world of renowned party scenes and prominent gigs? According to the DJ, it was the New Face competition that she had participated in, in 2013 that had catapulted her into the world of fame.

Interestingly, the ex New Face contestant seemed to have also assumed a literal new face along the years, that has sparked much fascination.

So, what did the most highly paid DJ in Singapore do to transform herself into the bombshell she is today? Let’s find out!


Jade Rasif Nose Job

It is not a secret when it comes to the Jade Rasif’s nose that she has had a nose job done. In fact, the DJ herself has admitted to having insecurities about her nose from the get-go.

Having been born with a bump along the bridge of her nose, Rasif initially turned to dermal fillers to smoothen the kink – a procedure that would eventually lead Rasif to having a nose job done.

After several sessions of dermal fillers, Rasif found it to be not quite as sustainable as she found herself having to return to her aesthetician every 4-6 months with each trip costing her no less than $500.

As such, Jade Rasif decided to have her nose permanently done.

Inspired by Nitsa Noey, a winner of Miss Tiffany’s Universe, Rasif modeled her nose after the Thai star – a nose that carries a hefty pricetag of $10,000.

Post rhinoplasty sports a much sharper and refined nose bridge.

With a narrower nose bridge and a less bulbous nose alar, Jade Rasif looks more modelesque, not to mention, allowing her other facial features to be more pronounced.


Jade Rasif Botox Procedures

They say pictures speak a thousand words and this definitely applies when it comes comparing Rasif’s before and after Botox procedures.

Inheriting a stronger jawline, Rasif has expressed discontentment with her heavily emphasized jawline and decided to have it reduced with Botox.

Rasif’s in her pre-Botox procedure possesses a gentler jawline, accentuating a more cherubic countenance.

Post-Botox however, brings about yet another side of the DJ; one that is sultrier and sexier. From sweet to sexy, Botox is undoubtedly the secret behind drastic transformation.


Jade Rasif Dermal Fillers Procedures

Accompanying her smaller face is an even smaller and sharper chin. Prior to her rhinoplasty procedure, Rasif has admitted that dermal fillers were her go to cosmetic procedure to fine-tune her facial features.

Other than injecting dermal fillers into her nose, the 24-year-old has also used dermal fillers to achieve a sharper and smaller looking chin.

While each dermal filler procedure for her chin is not cheap by any means ($500 per session), Rasif stands by this procedure and religiously visits her aesthetician every 4-6 months to have dermal fillers injected into her chin.

Price aside, we do see that dermal fillers do truly make a significant difference to the DJ’s appearance.

Again, dermal fillers have done the job of eliminating Rasif’s former babyish image and injecting (no pun intended) a more sexy and some say provocative image into the 24-year-old.


Jade Rasif Breast Augmentation

For one to be a female DJ, especially a successful one, looks are unfortunately very much part of the equation.

And with the party scene calling for a touch of provocativeness, Rasif has given her audience exactly what they want.

Rasif’s double Es on her petite frame has undoubtedly crowned her the DJ with the bombshell body and it’s not hard to see why.

While the DJ claims that she was a double C prior to her breast augmentation, it seems double Cs weren’t quite enough for Rasif.

Opting to transform her breast to a Double E, Rasif agrees that her Es now are definitely a much-needed upgrade from her previous Cs.

And while it is evident that the DJ’s new set of boobs are just bursting out of her top, we cannot deny that her double Es are truly befitting of her sexy DJ image.

And so, a nose job, a breast augmentation, several Botox and dermal fillers procedures later, Jade Rasif has transformed into the sultry and seductive-looking lady she is today.

Other Singaporean celebrities who have done plastic surgery include Felicia Chin, Xiaxue and Bong Qiu Qiu and Taiwan based By2.

Large eyes, small nose, small face and a voluptuous body, Rasif seems to have checked all the boxes when it comes to meeting the mark of an attractive lady in today’s day and age.

So whether it is the New Face competition or the new face that she bought, one thing’s for sure, Rasif’s success in the modeling and DJ world is set to stay for quite some time.


Jade Rasif Plastic Surgery Transformation

Let’s take a look at Jade Rasif’s plastic surgery transformation…

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