5 Singapore bloggers share their Fractional CO2 Laser reviews and experiences

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Because Fractional CO2 Lasers in Singapore are in trend now, we obviously have to get it done. But what exactly is this miracle treatment everyone is raving about? Just how different is Fractional CO2 Laser from the convention ones? While it is one thing to follow the latest fad, it is however essential to be more learned about what each procedure entails.

What better way to learn about Fractional CO2 Lasers than to have a compressed list of Singapore reviews and personal opinions of those who have undergone this highly sought after procedure? And this is what we, at PlastyTalk, have done for our dearest Plastytalkers.

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To start of this Fractional CO2 laser review, let’s get the most important question out of the way. What exactly is Fractional CO2 laser?

“Fractional CO2 uses small columns of fractionated energy to ablate areas of damage. Tiny wounds are made and the surrounding healthy skin helps with healing, making new collagen and elastin. Improvement in wrinkles, discoloration and scarring by stimulating collagen production as well as skin tightening are some of the promises that Fractional CO2 laser makes.”

Without further ado, let the reviews begin.

Jacqueline Koh Fractional CO2 Laser review

Jacqueline had some residual acne scars after her battle with acne and decided to resort to Fractional CO2 to combat her old acne scars.

Jacqueline did her Fractional CO2 Laser at The Clifford Clinic.

Singapore Blogger Jacqueline Koh Fractional CO2 Laser treatment (1)

Singapore Blogger Jacqueline Koh Fractional CO2 Laser treatment (2)

Singapore Blogger Jacqueline Koh Fractional CO2 Laser treatment (3)

Numbing cream was first placed all over the treatment area for half an hour before the treatment commenced.

Recovery day 1

Fractional CO2 Laser recovery process and tips

According to Jacqueline, her face was slightly red after the treatment but that didn’t stop her from going for her usual workout session. And best of all, no one had a clue she had had her treatment done prior to her kickboxing class.

Recovery day 2

Fractional CO2 Laser recovery journey in Singapore

Day 2 of post treatment proves to normal with slight scabbing. Unless under close scrutiny, the scabs are almost imperceptible.

Recovery day 4

Blogger Jacqueline Koh after Fractional CO2 laser

By day 4, Jacqueline is already looking radiant with no trace of scabbing.

According to the blogger, anyone who has acne scar problems should undergo this treatment because “you can get rid of acne scars and pigments and also achieve a more radiant and luminous skin.”

Jacquline Koh blogs at jacquelinekoh.com

Katelyn Tan Fractional CO2 Laser review

Katelyn has been on her skincare journey and this time, she’s back with a review of Fractional CO2 laser treatment.

Katelyn did her Fractional CO2 laser at Drx Clinic. The procedure costs $3,000 before GST for 5 sessions.

Katelyn Tan fractional CO2 laser review

Similarly, Katelyn had numbing cream on for an hour before the Fractional CO2 laser procedure began.

Singapore blogger Katelyn fractional co2 laser treatment

According to Katelyn’s review, the numbing cream saved the day because the procedure was painless. While Dr David Ng lasers away, a constant flow of cool air is blown onto her skin.

Katelyn Tan fractional co2 after effects

Her face was “lobster” red after the Fractional CO2 laser procedure but that is completely normal for post procedure.

According to Katelyn:

Day 1 – Redness subsided a little but itch persisted.

Day 2 – Redness is completely gone and scabs started to form.

Day 3 – Some redness spotted and scabs start to fall.

Day 4 – Some redness spotted but no itching. Redness is due to a new layer of skin forming.

Day 5 – More scabs gone.

Day 6 – Scabs are falling off and skin is smoother.

Singapore blogger katelyn tan review on fractional co2 laser

This is Day 7 after Katelyn’s Fractional CO2 laser treatment. According to the blogger, her skin is now smooth and supple and also scab free.

Katelyn blogs at katelyn-tan.blogspot.sg.

Shirley Tay Fractional CO2 Laser review

Having her skin tested to only be 39 years of age when she’s coming to 49, Shirley Tay is blessed with extremely good skin. But that doesn’t stop her from getting a Fractional CO2 laser treatment.

Shirley did her Fractional CO2 laser at EHA Clinic. It cost $800 for face and neck (for 1st timer).

Singapore blogger Shirley Tay fractional co2 laser review

Shirley’s problem areas were the wrinkles on her forehead and around her eyes. She also had some pigmentation issues on her face, which she would like to get rid of. While Botox and Fillers were never in her consideration, Shirley was very open to Fractional CO2 laser.

According to Shirley’s review, the Fractional CO2 laser procedure was painful but she added that she had “zero tolerance” for pain.

Day1 : Face was red and the burning sensation on her face wore off in 2-3 hours after the procedure.

Day 2: Skin was still red and rough. Scabs have started to form.

Day 3: Scabs became darker and skin started to itch.

1 month after her laser procedure, Shirley took yet another skin test and was surprised to find that her wrinkles dropped from 85% to 79% in just one month.

Shirley blogs at luxuryhaven.co.

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Seth Lui Fractional CO2 Laser review

If you thought Fractional CO2 laser was only for the female gender, well, you thought wrong. Fractional CO2 laser is definitely not gender bias as seen with Seth Lui’s review.

Seth suffered from an acne outbreak during his adolescent years and this resulted in scarring. Due to his increasing number of live media exposures, he wanted to get rid of the scarring and turned to Fractional CO2 laser for help.

Seth did his Laser treatment at Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics and Surgery and it costs $500 per session.

Seth Lui before after fractional co2 laser

This is Seth before the treatment. Now let’s see Seth’s Fractional CO2 laser review.

Singapore blogger seth lui fractional co2 laser treatment

According to Seth, the procedure only took 20 minutes. Numbing cream was first applied and a good 20-30 minute wait follows before the procedure commenced.

After which, the fractional laser beam is shot all over his face in sections, and mostly painless short of the beard and moustache area.

Areas with hair are apparently more sensitive to light, thus the increased sensation.

blogger seth after fractional laser procedure

This is Seth right after the Fractional CO2 laser treatment. His face was red, slightly swollen and had a slight burning sensation, which in Seth words, resembled a “sunburn”.

According to the Singapore blogger, the redness, swelling and burning sensation will soon fade away in a day or 2.

Seth Lui fractional co2 laser review after

Seth at Day 4 of Fractional CO2 laser. He mentions that there is slight scabbing and minor dotted texture.

Tips from Seth on his review of Fractional CO2 laser.

  • Be sure to apply a lot of moisturizer and the given anti-bacterial cream to minimize scabbing.
  • 30 SPF sun block is also a must to prevent any blemishes from forming during this sensitive period for your skin, if not it it will take months for dark sun spots to heal.
  • Alcohol based beauty products are also to be avoided for at least 2 weeks after the treatment.”

1 week after the Fractional CO2 laser, Seth claims that his scar is less prominent however, he would require more sessions to achieve better results. For his condition, his doctor recommended 5-6 sessions (1 month break between sessions), each session getting around 10-15% improvement.

Seth blogs at sethlui.com.

Joey Ong Fractional CO2 Laser review

Joey underwent the Fractional CO2 laser treatment as well and what she aimed for was an improvement of her skin texture since she used to have bad skin. Joey’s Fractional CO2 laser review is as such.

The Singapore blogger did her laser treatment at DRx clinic. It costs $3,000 for 5 sessions before GST.

Singapore blogger joey ong review on fractional co2 laser

After having the necessary steps done, Joey underwent the Fractional CO2 laser procedure. According to her, the treatment was tolerable and it felt like “ant-bites”.

Her face was exposed to a cold gush of air from another tube during the procedure.

Day 1 of post Fractional CO2 laser – Expect a “sandpaperish” texture to the skin and tiny white spots. Joey advises to slap on sunblock to protect the skin.

Joey day 1 after fractional co2 laser

Day 2 of post Fractional CO2 laser – The burning sensation and redness was still there but not as intense as Day 1. Joey’s skin was very dry and so she had to use a moisturizer.

Day 2 post fractional co2 laser singapore

Week 3 of post Fractional CO2 laser – Joey’s skin was very smooth.

According to the blogger, by week 1.5, her skin was already showing improvement.

Week 3 post fractional co2 laser

And finally, this is the before after showing the results of the procedure.

before after fractional co2 laser in Singapore

Joey blogs at http://www.iisjong.com.

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After a compilation of the Fractional CO2 laser reviews, we hope that you Plastytalkers will have a better notion of what Fractional CO2 laser is all about and what it entails. Remember, always choose a good medical aesthetician!

To a beautiful you.


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