Singapore Blogger treated her Acne with TripleCombo of Agnes Treatment, Q Switch Laser & HydraFacial

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Having had her occasion battles with acne due to her oily and acne prone skin, RiSeon, like the millions of others who fall victim to acne, wasn’t unfamiliar with the woes that acne brings about.

However, due to the sensitive nature of her skin, RiSeon soon realised that her skin was susceptible to scars and decided to turn to a skincare line in hopes of eliminating the unsightly scars – a move, RiSeon would soon learn to regret.

It did not take long for RiSeon’s skin to turn on her, leaving her with a face full of angry acne.

Breaking out 5-8 time in a week, RiSeon’s was left with a serious case of acne and even after her decision to stop the use of the skincare proved to be too little too late.

The damage that the skin care has caused was enough to send RiSeon into a depression.

Noticing that her condition wasn’t getting any better, RiSeon knew she had to consult a specialist to have her acne treated and after much diligent research, RiSeaon found her miracle at The Clifford Clinic.

During her first consultation with Dr Gerard Ee, RiSeon was thoroughly grateful for Dr Gerard Ee’s patience as she talked him through her devastating experience with her acne.

After a thorough understanding of her acne history, Dr Gerard Ee meticulously explained her condition and provided solutions to combat RiSeon’s acne condition, giving RiSeon the assurance that she very much needed.

After a thorough assessment of her skin condition Dr Gerard Ee concocted a treatment for RiSeon to tackle her acne condition which consisted of a combination of Agnes treatment, Q-Switch Laser treatment as well as HydraFacial to maintain her cleanliness of her skin.

What is Agnes treatment? 

“One of the latest advancements in acne treatment is AGNES, which selectively ablates sebaceous glands to cure recalcitrant acne.

AGNES is commonly used in Korea and Dr Gerard Ee is the pioneer doctor to introduce AGNES to Singapore.”

Containing millions of sebum glands, ‘problematic glands’ are the very cause of acne condition. With the use of Agnes treatment, it selectively destroys those individual ‘problematic’ glands which results in the prevention of new breakout thereby making it a long term cure for acne.

As for RiSeon’s acne case, Dr Gerard Ee had recommended her 1-2 Agnes and to use the pimple cream prescribed by him (Clindamycin, TRetinon cream and several others to keep my acne under control) in addition to the Agnes treatment.

RiSeon’s Agnes Treatment Journey

On RiSeon’s first Agnes treatment session, her face was first numbed with a numbing cream for approximately 30 minutes before the commencement of her extraction.

As RiSeon’s acne was considerably serious, her extraction was a lengthy process as much blackhead had to be extracted before the treatment.

After RiSeon’s face was thoroughly cleansed, she started on her Agnes acne treatment.

According to RiSeon, Dr Gerard Ee was extremely caring, making sure that the pain was tolerable to RiSeon, during the entire procedure.

As RiSeon had a low threshold for pain, Dr Gerard Ee decided to inject her with anaesthetic on both sides of her cheeks before continuing her treatment.

As Dr Gerard Ee is exceedingly meticulous, the entire procedure took almost an hour as Dr Ee is adamant on ensuring that he targets every infected pore.

Post Agnes Treatment Day 2

After the Agnes treatment, RiSeon noticed that her face was much redder than the before and she was genuinely concerned about her recovery. However, it was all thanks to Dr Gerard Ee’s constant assuance that got RiSeon through the toughest part of recovery – a bright red face of pimples.

RiSeon returned to The Cifford Clinic the next day for her follow up Agnes treatment. During the post Agnes treatment, RiSeon’s skin was in for a treat as it aims to soothe her skin from the Agnes treatment the day before.

A radio frequency machine was used with gel and antiseptic solution to cleanse my skin.

Although having a low tolerance to pain, RiSeon felt that the entire procedure was relatively comfortable with the exception of the few problematic areas that were more serious.

It did not take long before RiSeon saw the effects of the Agnes treatment.

By the 2nd day of post Agnes treatment, RiSeon was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly pleased that there was significant improvement to her acne condition.

RiSeon’s noticed that her cheeks were not as red and swollen as before and her raised pimples were by then, all flattened.

And by the 5th day after her Agnes treatment, RiSeon’s was thrilled to see even more improvement, aside from the red scars from the acne itself, the red patches surrounding the acne were completely gone.

Now that RiSeon’s acne condition has significantly improved, RiSeon was ready for the 2nd part of her treatment, Q-Switch Laser.

What is Q-Switch laser?

Q-switch laser is the ideal lunchtime laser for common pigmentation and aging problems.  Melasma, freckles and acne scars are common types of hyperpigmentation that can occur even with good lifestyle and skincare habits.

Q-switch laser has been proven to erase hyperpigmentation with low downtime.”

How does Q-switched laser treatment work?

“Q-Switch Laser treatment works by generating a high-energy laser on the affected area. The laser energy pulse breaks down the pigments into mini-pigments, which is absorbed by the skin, and then destroyed by the body’s lymphatic system.”

In RiSeon’s case, Dr Gerard had advised her to opt for a series of 10 Q-Switch lasers package, with her having to do this treatment every 2 weeks. This is ultimately to hep with her acne scars. As RiSeon detested her scars, she quickly took up the Q-Switch laser package with Dr Gerard Ee.

RiSeon’s Q-Switch Laser Treatment Journey

1 week later after her Agnes treatment, RiSeon started on her very first Q-Switch laser treatment. According to RiSeon, she was not quite used to the rubber-band snapping like effect on her skin during the procedure initially, but soon got used to it and rated the procedure 3/10 on the pain scale.

According to RiSeon, she is extremely pleased with the results delivered by Q-Switch Laser treatment.

Able to see fast and effective results after each session, RiSeon saw significantly improvement to her skin condition after each Q-Switch Laser treatment.

After the Q-Switch Laser treatment, RiSeon was given the Blue Light treatment.

The Blue Light treatment is tremendously helpful in the recovery process as it uses high-intensity, narrow-band blue light to treat mild to moderate acne.

It’s used to treat the acne-causing bacteria that can form within the sebaceous glands and cause break outs.

Upon applying a soothing mask (Omega/Centella extract), The blue-light generating device was placed over RiSeon’s head for approximately 10-15, allowing the light to target the bacteria that causes acne.

After which, a mask was placed over her face before continuing with the treatment.

To RiSeon, this treatment is quick and comfortable.

Post Q-Switch Laser treatment recovery

During the post Q-Switch Laser treatment recovery period, RiSeon noticed that there were some breakout along the way and when she expressed her concerns to Dr Gerard Ee, she was assured that occasional breakout along journey of the healing process is not uncommon and that with patience, the acne condition will further improve.

Upon observing her breakouts, RiSeon realised that even with the occasional breakouts, they were unlike the severe breakouts she had prior to her Agnes treatment.

Along with RiSeon’s Q-Switch Laser treatment, she was ready for the 3rd and final step of the treatment, which is the HydraFacial treatment.

What is HydraFacial?

HydraFacial uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate our skin.

While getting rid of impurities it also uses super serums that are made with nourishing ingredients to quench skin and creating an instantly gratifying glow.

How does HydraFacial work?


Uncover a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing.


Remove debris from pores with painless suction. Nourish with intense moisturizers that quench skin.


Saturate the skin’s surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow

HydraFacial does much wonders for the skin as it’s able to address almost all the skin concerns we face at every stage of our lives.

  •       Fine lines + Wrinkles
  •       Elasticity + Firmness
  •       Even Tone + Vibrancy
  •       Skin Texture
  •       Brown Spots
  •       Oily + Congested Skin
  •       Enlarged Pores

RiSeon’s HydraFacial treatment Journey

RiSeon embarked on her HydraFaical treatment after her 2nd Q-Switch Laser treatment.

After a thorough cleansing and extraction, RiSeon’s face was thoroughly hydrated and prepped for the HydraFaical treatment.

During the HydraFaical treatment, a cold mask is used to relax and cool down RiSeon’s skin.

Throughout each session of Hydra-Facial, RiSeon’s congested and oily skin is sure to be thoroughly cleansed while her face was introduced to the benefits of anti-oxidant hydration.

RiSeon’s Post Acne treatment Journey from The Clifford Clinic

(2nd Q-Switch Laser + 1st HydraFacial)

RiSeon noticed that the bumps were a lot lesser than before and the amount of redness have reduced significantly too.

(3rd Q-Switch)

RiSeon was terribly pleased with the improvement reflected on her face.

(5th Q-Switch)

(6th Q-Swtich and 3rd HydraFacial)


RiSeon notices that her initial scars were lightening significantly and could not be happier with the Q-Switch results.

(8th Q-Switch and 4th HydraFacial)

RiSeon’s skin has indeed come a long way and has undoubtedly shown drastic improvement since they day she first stepped into The Clifford Clinic with her first consultation with Dr Gerard Ee.

Her journey had been an arduous and emotional one, but it is with much patience and under the guidance of a skilled and proficient aesthetics doctor, that RiSeon is able to finally be at one with her skin.

No one should ever be victimised by Acne. A long term cure is just a call away. Talk to Dr Gerard Ee from The Clifford Clinic today and never have to be burdened by your acne woes again.

Gerard Ee

Aesthetic Doctor

24 Raffles Place
#01-03 Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621

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1 2 3 4 5
4.9 stars from 3 reviews

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