Singapore Blogger’s Suture Double Eyelid Surgery with Dr Shenthilkumar

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Singapore blogger Sophia Chong has always wanted double eyelids since young but has never considered surgery till recently.

She regards the eyes as one of the most important features on the face and the double eyelids will help to brighten the overall look.

Blogger Sophia Chong Singapore plastic surgery

Being active on social media, she has received comments that she already has double eyelids, but the truth is that she ‘faked’ it by using her eyebrow pencil to draw a line across the eyelid.

Her decision to finally undergo double eyelid surgery was because of the realisation that each time she drew on her eyelid, she was exerting force which could expedite the formation of wrinkles.

Singapore blogger Sopha Chong before double eyelid surgery

Sophia turned to one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in Singapore, Dr Shenthilkumar Naidu, for her double eyelid surgery.


Consultation experience

Her surgery started with a quick consultation of how high she wanted her double eyelids to be. She was able to choose better because the nurse used toothpicks to help her create temporal double eyelids of different heights.

Sophia Chong undergoing double eyelid surgery Blogger

Sophia was also able to see the difference between parallel and tapered eyelids. Here’s the difference between parallel and tapered double eyelids:

Tapered vs parallel eyelids


Choice of Double Eyelid surgery type

She chose to have parallel double eyelids using the non-incision technique known as the suture method. This means that there will be no cutting involved and the procedure is done using stitching.

Sophia chose this method because it’s scarless (due to there being no invasive cuts) and full recovery takes only about two weeks. More importantly, it is also reversible in the event she is not satisfied, she is able to do a revision surgery.

Dr Shens explained to Sophia if she takes care of her double eyelids, the suture method will last longer than the traditional method, or possibly even be permanent.


Healing Process after surgery

Here is Sophia right after her double eyelid surgery.

Sophia Chong before double eyelid surgery

Her swelling only began on day 2, which is the day after surgery.

Blogger Sophia Chong double eyelid healing process (1)

At Day 4, Sophia panicked because her left eye was not healing as fast as her right eye. So she called Dr Shens and was reassured that it is completely normal for one eye to heal faster than the other.

Blogger Sophia Chong double eyelid healing process (2)

The swelling also went down within 6 days and she was happy that because the procedure is suture method, it did not leave her with scars so it looks natural.



Sophia Chong couldn’t be any happier with the results, and she wished she had done it earlier.

In her own words, “It’s the best feeling to wake up looking prettier without any make up and double eyelids certainly help to cut down on my eye make up by A LOT!”

To find out more about the Doctor behind the procedure, you can contact Dr Shens (Dr Shenthilkumar Naidu).

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4.8 stars from 10 reviews

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