Singapore Blogger goes from A to perfect Ds under Dr Shenthilkumar’s expertise

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Blogger Effynius has always been self –conscious about her small chest. Having been made fun of her whole life for being flat chested, Effynius turned to padded bras to boost her self-confidence.

Blogger Effynius plastic surgery breast augmentation

However, when stuffing her bras didn’t give Effynius the effect that she wanted, Effynius decided that plastic surgery was the way to getting the pair of beautiful bosoms she had always dreamt of.

Effynius turned to one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in Singapore, Dr Shenthilkumar Naidu, for a breast augmentation surgery.


Consultation experience with Dr Shens

Effynius was more than appreciative of the clinic’s sensitivity towards their patients’ privacy. At Dr Shens’ clinic, private spaces with curtain drawns at the waiting area are provided to ensure that their patients are comfortable and their privacy, uncompromised.

During the consultation with Dr Shens, the professional not only provided Effynius with a comprehensive explanation of the different types of implants that she could opt for, but he was also patient in answering Effynius’ every query, allowing Effynius to make the best decision for her breast augmentation surgery.


Assessment of her requirements

Upon deciding on tear-drop implants, Effynius then had to be assessed by Dr Shens. Although Effynius was sure of what size she wanted, she felt that it was better to communicate her preference with Dr Shens.

tear drop shaped implants

Choice of breast implant size 

When it was time to choose the perfect size implants for Effynius, she had to change into a white body-hugging top to gauge the overall outcome of the surgery.

Under Dr Shens’ professional assessment, he had suggested Effynius to go for 305CC (C/D cup). Although Effynius was worried that C/D cup was a little to big for her petite size, it turned out that Dr Shens’ judgment could not be more right for Effynius after she saw the results.


Breast surgery day

Singapore blogger Effynius breast implant surgery

Finally, the day of surgery had arrived and blogger Effynius was both excited and a bunch of nerves. Lucky for her, Dr Shens’ surgical team was more than reassuring and constantly made Effynius feel comfortable. According to Effynius, “the entire surgical team was very gentle and their hospitality makes everything at ease.”

After a thorough pre-surgery test on Effynius, she was ready for surgery.

Although Effynius was nervous, however, she was more at ease when she encountered the gentle and comforting anesthetist, Dr Tan. Chatting with Effyus and being extremely detailed with his explanation, Effynius felt less worried.


Post Breast Augmentation Surgery

Post surgery turned out to be more than pleasant for Effynius with absolutely no pain. One peek down her shirt and the blogger was thrilled about her new pair of breasts.

Effynius breast implant surgery

The nurses and clinic manager constantly attended to her to ensure that she was comfortable and all right after the surgery, making Effynius feel assured.

After which, Effynius was taught a few arm exercises to help in her recovery and she was good to go.


Recovery after BA

1st Week

When the anesthesia wore off by the 3rd day, Effynius started to feel the pain of post surgery. The bruising started and the blogger was slightly overwhelmed. However, it wasn’t something she hadn’t expected as Dr Shens had explained and prepared her for bruising she was going to experience after the surgery.

Effynius went back to Dr Shens on the 5th day. As the pain was unbearable, Effynius broke down. However, the entire surgical team was extremely understanding and consoled her repeatedly.

According to the blogger “I am grateful for them to take my whinings and hysterical behaviour patiently. The entire team was very supportive and stayed by me.”

But it was more than just the surgical team that understood Effynius, Dr Shens reassurance was ultimately the boost of determination that Effynius needed to get through the painful recovery process. D Shens’ words “Trust me, Vikki. I know this is a tough period for you. But once this phase is over, you will not regret. You will grow to love your new body,” gave her the strength and confidence to overcome the painful recovery process.

2nd Week

Effynius had to go back for follow up at Dr Shens. By then, the pain was almost all gone and her implants were settling down in the right position, much to Effynius’ delight. With the pain more or less gone, Effynius starts to appreciate her new set of breasts.

6th Week

The scars have lightened and Effynius’ side boobs have regained its natural softness. Although the inner chest area is still stiff (which is normal), however, she can see and feel the implants gradually softening and settling down to the desired position.

12th Week

By the 12th week, Effynius’ breasts have softened a lot more. Although there is some time more to full recovery, Effynius is thrilled and excited about her new breasts.



Although Effynius had to endure some trying times during the recovery period, the blogger cannot be more happy with her new body; made possible by the reputable Dr Shens.

Effynius Singapore blogger after breast augmentation

In her words, “I am now confident to wear any tops that I fancy – low cuts, sexy dresses and stuff – without the need to worry if they look empty on top. My new body makes me look good in anything!

I have now gained so much more confidence in me, and I sincerely thank Dr Shens for everything.”

Read more from Blogger Effynius at her blog, or you can contact Dr Shens (Dr Shenthilkumar Naidu).

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4.8 stars from 10 reviews

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