3 signs you know you are ready to take the plunge into plastic surgery

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Have you always wondered how you would look like if you went for a cosmetic procedure?

Here are 3 signs to know if you are ready for taking the plunge into plastic surgery.

1) You can’t stop obsessing over that annoying feature

obsessing over that annoying feature

You wake up every morning and the first thing you pay attention to, is that bulbous nose or that mono lids that just set you off.

You constantly obsess over that feature and each time you pass by a readily available mirror or a reflection of yourself, it seems your eyes just know exactly where they have to be.

That ‘flawed’ feature irks you and you find your self-esteem crushed, the moment you lay eyes on it.

You constantly think of ways to correct and perfect that feature, be it a home remedy that you found online or a new ‘tool’ that is advertised on magazines, but at the end of the day, you find yourself back to square one; you’re frustrated and you hate yourself.

If this sounds familiar, it a pretty apparent sign that you are ready to for plastic surgery.

Your confidence and self-love have been heavily compromised and have taken quite a beating from you, and that’s not healthy in the long run.

If your obsession is taking a toll on you, you could consider taking that step into plastic surgery and you may just find your self-esteem and self worth rocketing, and trust us, it is definitely a far better place to be in.

2) You are doing it for yourself and not one else

3 signs you are ready for plastic surgery

It takes a lot of courage and guts to go under the knife. It is definitely not an easy decision for many.

However, if plastic surgery helps you with your self-assurance and makes you feel a million bucks, we say, Go for it!

But if you find yourself doing a procedure because your significant other worships a certain idol and you want him to idolize you the way he does the other chick, or that you are pressured to undergo a procedure, girl, you got it all wrong.

Having a procedure done is a lifetime decision.

It is something that will be an integral part of you for the rest of your life and so it is vital that you love and accept your post body.

If the surgery is one that you are not crazy about simply because you were coerced into doing it, there is a high chance that you might develop severe depression as you might find difficulty reconciling with the differences on your post body.

Always remember, you have to love yourself first. Because only if you love yourself, would you then be able to present the most beautiful and confident side of you.

3) You’ve exhausted every resource available and know exactly what you want

researching plastic surgry on the internet

You know exactly what the procedure is about and what it entails, you have spent years scouring the net and have tons of information that is bookmarked, you know exactly the price of the procedure of every clinic there is in town, you’ve even taken leave way in advance for the post surgery recovery period.

But the closest you’ve gotten to the surgical process is when you meditate it in your yoga class.

You are obviously very passionate about getting the procedure done but you are a very calculated person.

You need to weigh the pros and cons not once but a thousand times over and that’s a good thing.

Since plastic surgery is a major decision, it is wise that you consider it meticulously.

It is evident that you are obsessed with the procedure and you are a million percent sure that you will look so much better with that surgery.

You know that with all your heart but it is your head that’s getting in the way.

We believe that if you eat, sleep and breathe that procedure and you know exactly what you are signing yourself up for, go ahead and take the plunge.

Follow your heart because sometimes, the head just makes everything that much more complicated.


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