Shocking Botched Rhinoplasty from Cheap Plastic Surgery Clinic in Thailand

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An unnamed woman from Hat Yai, Thailand, has shared horrific photos of a shocking botched nose job that left a silicone implant poking through her skin.

The brave patient wanted to send a warning to others considering the surgery after she was left in agony when her new nose began protruding from between her eyes.

She decided to get her Rhinoplasty done in Thailand’s southern city, Hat Yai, which is also known as a nose job, at a local cheap clinic.

Unable to afford an expensive plastic surgeon, she opted for a cheaper operation at the clinic, which later refused to help her when it all went wrong.

The procedure which intended to give her a more defined nose, caused the woman to begin suffering from infections and later inflammation around the area of her face where the surgery had taken place.

The silicone implant began to reveal itself from the top of her damaged nose, between her eyes.


Protruding out of her face, the implant was very much poking out of her skin leaving the poor woman with no choice but to seek medical help elsewhere.

A hospital specialising in plastic surgery near Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, provided her with pro bono treatment, which removed the implant.

The surgery where the woman reportedly had her original operation told local media it ‘took no responsibility’ for the botched rhinoplasty job and ‘refused to help her’ after the extent of her condition was revealed.

It is unclear whether the patient is planning to take legal action, reports said.

So remember, it is always important to look for a qualified plastic surgeon, especially when it comes to changing the aesthetics of the face!

Not convinced?

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Please, for your own sake, look for an established, certified and proper clinic for your plastic surgery procedures!


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