Botched nose job in Bangkok leaves this Singaporean disfigured

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They say that when life throws you lemons, make lemonade. But more often not, that’s easier said than done.

What happens if this curve ball that’s hurled in your way brings about more damage than you can ever imagine.

That is exactly what Beverly, has been struggling with, for the past years.


Life hasn’t been a bed of roses for Beverly and it sure doesn’t seem to be relenting. Having been involved in an abusive ex marriage, Beverly suffered more than just emotional trauma.

The physical abuse that was afflicted on her resulted in a nasal disfigurement, something Beverly never did deserve. Her divorce ended the years of suffering she endured, but her disfigured nose was a painful reminder of the tragic and traumatic past.

Wanting to start on a clean slate, Beverly decided to get her nose fixed (rhinoplasty). However, with a tight budget, Beverly settled on Bangkok to have her reconstructive surgery done. Through a friend’s recommendation, Beverly finally decided to get her surgery done.

Beverly before and after rhinoplasty

Beverly before and after her ‘successful’ rhinoplasty


Upon reaching the clinic, Beverly felt that the clinic wasn’t quite the plastic surgery clinic she expected. Though decent looking, it didn’t have the vibes of a proper plastic surgery clinic. However, since a hefty amount was already paid, Beverly dismissed the red flag and waited for her turn.

According to the distressed mum, “I think the doctor was also not experienced because when I was on local anesthesia, there was another lady lying beside me. At first I was confused, but in the end, I just carried on because I really wanted to get the surgery done quickly and I have already paid the deposit.”

Beverly before her rhinoplasty procedure

Beverly before her rhinoplasty procedure


Just when things were starting to have a rosier outlook after the surgery, the post surgery outcome started to go awry 8 months after her nose surgery.

What initially looked like a tiny ‘pimple’ growing on the tip of her nose soon overtook her entire nose tip.

“At first I thought it was a pimple, but slowly, my skin started to peel. When I could see my implant jutting out of my nose, I knew something was very wrong. The pain started to come and what’s worse was that it affected my breathing.”

It didn’t take long for Beverly to learn that this growth was actually a botched nose job. In just two weeks, Beverly’s nose started to peel off, leaving only a thin layer of cartilage with the partially exposed silicone implant.

“I was so shocked but I felt more lost because I wasn’t expecting this at all. I didn’t know what to do or who could help me since I did my surgery in Bangkok.”

Anxious but heavily pregnant, there was no way Beverly could take a flight out to consult her plastic surgeon in Bangkok. Desperate, Beverly immediately sought help with the surgeons in Singapore who then told her that the botched job had caused the implant to force its way out, leaving a mess of complication and infection.

With no other solution, her surgeon told her to remove her implant immediately before the infection spreads to the other parts of her nose.

After the removal of the nose implant, this is how Beverly's nose now looks like.

After the removal of the nose implant, this is how Beverly’s nose now looks like.


But the removal of the implant wasn’t an easy option for Beverly since she was heavily pregnant and the surgery required her to go under general anesthesia.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, Beverly had to opt for the removal of the implant to prevent further disfigurement to her nose and very possibly, her face.

Beverly now regrets having done her procedure done in Bangkok which caused her nose to be in this current 'state'.

Beverly now regrets having done her procedure done in Bangkok which caused her nose to be in this current ‘state’.


However, Beverly’s decision to go under general anesthesia came at a hefty price as her baby was born prematurely at 30 weeks. Weighing a mere 970g, her baby had to be hospitalized for 2 months, resulting in hospital bills to chalk up to SGD$65,000.

The costs of the implant removal and the hospitalization fees have decimated her savings, but her ordeal is far from over. Beverly now faces permanent disfigurement should she not have reconstructive surgery done soon.

Her nose tip is shrinking and becoming shorter by the day and she faces a very real possibility of an inverted nostril with each day she doesn’t have her reconstructive surgery done.

It is more than just her savings being wiped out, but the ordeal has completely washed out her self-esteem and confidence.

Before and after the botched plastic surgery

Before and after the botched plastic surgery

Having to hear her child comparing her to that of a witch or being unwilling to entertain the thought of wedding bells at the end of the year with her current fiancé due to her disfigurement, pains Beverly.

She has now become a recluse who seeks comfort in her isolated world of her room. The former beautician has her confidence in shambles and is in need of help to piece her sense of self-worth back together again.

Beverly Ruoyi nose job gone wrong

“I used to love taking photos with friends and family in the past, but now, I don’t even want to look in the mirror because it is just so terrible. I want to be confident again but I don’t know how to, with a nose like that. Right now, I really need my job back as a beauty adviser because I need the money to bring up my baby, but who would want to hire me?”

Beverly didn’t have it easy with her plastic surgery journey. If there’s one thing we can learn from Beverly’s experience, it would be to always get an experienced surgeon no matter how small the surgery may be because you will end up paying way less and achieve that aesthetically pleasing and desirable outcome you’ve always dreamt of.


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