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Having clinched a 10-year contract with Ocean Butterflies International at a tender age of 16, this pair of twins has been a force to be reckoned ever since. By2, the Singaporean duo based in Taiwan has caused much hype about their extreme plastic surgery transformation over the years.

Their appearances have taken on a 180-degree transformation from humble beginnings and many are raving about their beyond recognizable change. Just how much has this pair of girls changed? What plastic surgery did By2 undergo to achieve such va-va-voom appeal?

Let’s start off this journey of unraveling by taking a walk down memory lane as we reminisce the good old innocent days. But be forewarned; the By2 plastic surgery transformation is not for the faint hearted and be sure to brace yourself for some crazy sex appeal towards the end of the journey! And without further ado, let’s begin…

This was what By2 looked like when they first debuted in 2008.

by2 fresh faced before plastic surgery


Ahhh, that’s right, those were the days, sweet sweet sixteen. The smell of innocence and purity lingers, but just how long will they last? A little bird told us… not for long.

So how much has the By2 plastic surgery transformed them? Let’s first take a quick look at the By2 of today before we bring them to scrutiny.

by2 plastic surgery transformation


That’s right. Just what is this sorcery? Are they really the same By2 we saw just a while ago? Now that we have witnessed this insane By2 plastic surgery transformation, let’s dig a little deeper and find out what exactly these two ladies have done to transform themselves into sublime beings.

Let’s backtrack a little and go back to the year 2008…

by2 plastic surgery before and after


In this picture, we see that both Miko and Yumi in their rawest form. Sweet looking girls, but very average appearances.

This is how they look in 2009.

by2 twins plastic surgery


Now, let’s study them closely from 2008-2009.

by2 before and after plastic surgery


What is the By2 plastic surgery transformation for the year 2009?

Looking at both pictures, we definitely witness a slight change in their appearance. They seem to have more shapely-looking eyes, not to mention that they are significantly larger and rounder too.

Moving on to year 2010, looks like the By2 plastic surgery has done some fine tuning.

by2 plastic surgery 2010


Now, let’s compare their looks from the previous year.

by2 transformation 2009 - 2010


What is the By2 plastic surgery transformation for the year 2010?

Scratching your head and wondering what exactly the transformation is? Here at Plastytalk, none of the procedures done, no matter how discreet, can escape our discerning eye. So here’s a hint, look at their nose. If you notice, Both Yumi and Miko have rather short nose tips in 2009, which make them appear slightly piggish.

But by 2010, these two girls have a longer nose tip and also a slimmer nose bridge. Not only that, the By2 plastic surgery for the year 2010 also focused on cutting the bulging nose wings, making them less bulky.

While the By2 plastic surgery procedure focused on the eyes in year 2009, 2010’s focal point for the By2 plastic surgery was their noses and by golly, don’t the girls look so different already?

We’re just halfway through and so much has changed. We now proceed to 2011 for more of the ludicrous By2 plastic surgery procedure.

by2 plastic surgery 2011


And then the By2 plastic surgery transformation truly hikes up. The By2 duo just keeps getting prettier. Notice how the element of chasteness is somewhat dwindling in their appearance in 2011?

by2 cosmetic surgery transformation 2011


What is the By2 plastic surgery transformation for the year 2011?

In 2010, though waning, By2 still had a babyish element in their appearance. However, by 2011, we notice how the twins transits into a more feminine image. Some procedures were performed to achieve that womanly appearance. Both Yumi and Miko sharpened their jawline and their chin to create that feline v shape facial structure, a feature that instantly shifts them from adolescent-hood to womanhood.

2012 is where the fun truly begins, and let’s see why.

by2 plastic surgery 2012


It is clear that the 2012 By2 plastic surgery has completely changed the duo’s initial appearance. They look vastly different from what they looked like when they first debuted.

by plastic surgery change 2012


What is the By2 plastic surgery transformation for the year 2012?

In 2012, By2 has definitely done a 2nd Blepharoplasty. Their double eyelids have changed from tapered double lids to parallel double eyelids, making their eyes significantly larger.

The double eyelid surgery also diminishes the duo’s ‘Asian’ appearance and makes them appear slightly mixed-blood and this is very evident in Miko (the left).

We believe 2013 was the peak for By2. They looked their best and should really have stopped there…

by2 before after plastic surgery


Let’s do a comparison of from 2012-2013.

by2 2012 - 2013 comparison


What is the By2 plastic surgery transformation for the year 2013?

Boom! All traces of innocence, purity and chasteness are out the window, and in comes sexiness, provocativeness and voluptuousness. Their appearance is nothing but an oozing of sultriness and sex appeal.

In 2013, both Yumi and Miko’s faces are even smaller and sharper than 2012.

Instead of stopping in 2013, the duo decided that they’ll stop at nothing and in 2014, that’s when things got out of control.

by2 plastic surgery 2013


by2 2013 - 2014


What is the By2 plastic surgery transformation for the year 2014?

Both the twins did surgeries on their eyes in 2014. We see a drastic change in both the ladies’ eyes, especially Miko.

In 2014, notice how Miko’s eyes have a more catlike effect than before?  Also, we see how Yumi’s eyes also look sharper and larger than in 2013.

We believe they have undergone Epicanthoplasty, which resulted in their enlarged cat-like eyes.

However, we feel that in 2014, the duo had gone too far in their transformation, making them seem nothing but simply plastic dolls.

Now that we have painstakingly inspected the twin’s umpteen transformation, here’s one last picture for you to appreciate the artistry behind the duo’s extreme makeover!  Here is by2 plastic surgery before and after since when they appeared on the pop scene:

by2 plastic surgery before and after 2008 to 2014


Here’s one of their hottest songs in the Taiwanese market.


And here’s a peek into their house in Taiwan (Note at 12:32, you can see the host fighting for their undergarments):

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