Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong? The Story of Rosmah Mansor, Malaysia’s ex First Lady

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When it comes to plastic surgery botched jobs, ex Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s wife Rosmah Mansor almost tops the list.

And while the world rumbles when recent pictures of her extravagant bag and watch collection made waves on the internet, something else caught our eye when Rosmah’s dirty little secret is aired to the world – her face.

Pretty and elegant as she seemed she was, Rosmah’s greed for eternal youth soon landed her in a plastic surgery mire when the excessive procedures decided to turn on her.

Here are the procedures according to The Coverage.

Pretty face Rosmah Mansor is seen all smiles with her youthful façade.

But all that’s going to change drastically as she introduces excessive plastic surgery and medical aesthetics into her life.


Despite the years trickling in, Rosmah was perhaps a tad too diligent in combatting the signs of aging.

Turning to botox and fillers, Rosmah’s face look artificially taut as she attempts at having a set of fuller cheeks.

The absence of a nasal fold, a common trait in ladies in their 30s, is one striking evidence of fillers.

Another area that Rosmah might have injected filler in, is at her chin.

With chin fillers or possibly even chin implants, Rosmah was able to achieve a sharper and better contoured face.

Eyebrow lift

Rosmah’s perpetual look of shock has raised quite a few eyebrows (no pun intended).

With her heavily arched eyebrows reaching for the stars, we can safely attribute that look to a botched eyebrow lift.


The absence of wrinkles on Rosmah’s face is also baffling considering her age.

The lack of lines on her forehead as well as on the sides of her eyes points us in the direction of botox.

It is with botox that Rosmah earned herself a wrinkle-free face, artificial looking, that is.

Nose job

If there was one procedure that truly did Rosmah in, it has to be her nose job.

Glaringly disastrous, Rosmah’s nose might have been cut up one too many times. The uneven appearance of her nose, the jarring protrusion of her nose bridge, the bulkiness and length of her nose tip are all signs of atrocious nose jobs done.

With her new nose, Rosmah is now miles away from being elegant and youthful and merely inches away from looking like an evil witch.

Rosmah’s appearance has transformed significantly over the years.

From an attractive sweet heart to one that is arguably hideous. Rosmah’s obsession towards plastic surgery and medical aesthetics has brought her down on the path of no return.

So just how much has Rosmah changed over the years? Let’s take a look at her bizarre transformation.


Rosmah’s Startling Plastic Surgery Transformation

Rosmah epitomises the consequences of excessive procedures.

While procedures can help us significantly in boosting our features, however, when not done in moderation, can result in dire repercussions.

Rosmah’s greed for beauty and youth has cost her, her once attractive façade.

If anything, the irreversibility of Rosmah’s appearance teaches us one thing and that is to never go overboard with procedures unless we are ready to bear the consequences of disfigurement.


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