Very patient and professional doctor for my Breast implants, had allergic reaction to medication but well taken care of

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I’ve been doing a lot of research for my breast augmentation surgery and have read through a lot of reviews from PlastyTalk before finally deciding to consult Dr Ng. I received very quick and efficient response from Dr Ng’s clinic upon contacting them.

During my first consultation with Dr Ng, I found Dr Ng to be very patient  and professional. Even though it is after working hours, he spent a good 2 hours going through thoroughly the different options I have. Dr Ng laid out the pros and cons and gave me a very partial take on the breast augmentation surgery that I wanted to get. After the first consultation, I was very confident with Dr Ng and decided to book a date for my breast augmentation surgery.

On the day of the surgery, I was extremely nervous and wanted to back out of the surgery. However, it was Dr Ng who reassured me through and through, that helped me with my nerves.

After the surgery, the staff was very caring and attentive to me. They ensured that I had someone to take me home and that I was in good hands. Back home, I had to take some medication which was slightly too strong for me, causing some infection. I have always been allergic to certain medication so when I experienced the infection, I immediately texted Dr Ng and his team and they responded almost immediately. Dr Ng told me to head down to his clinic immediately and attended to me.

I am one of the lucky few whose recovery was quick. Although I experienced 2 weeks of pain (rating 7/10 pain level), however, by the 3rd week, the swelling went down and my breasts looks natural by the 4th week.

In my opinion, I think that Dr Ng is very professional and patient. He is thorough in his explanation and not bias. He is extremely caring towards his patients and he takes the level of care even in post opts. Dr Ng always checks on me and does many follow up checks to ensure that my implants are positioned well and that I am fine overall. I feel very assured with Dr Ng and his team as they always remind me that I can text them at anytime should I feel any discomfort during my post opt recovery. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with what Dr Ng has done for my breast augmentation surgery and I rate my overall satisfaction a 5/5.

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