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I had a total knee replacement surgery and also a free TDAP flap surgery. It started during end 2013 when my walking posture became very slanted and I was getting a lot of questions from friends and family regarding my leg. Thereafter, I went to consult Dr Ng and subsequently had my surgery Jan 2014.

The procedure was a total knee replacement surgery followed by free TDAP flap surgery to cover up my knee. As the remaining skin on my knee was insufficient after replacment, Dr Ng grafted skin from my left rib to cover up the knee, as well as using the vein from my calf and thigh to connect the flap to my knee.

After the surgery, I couldn’t walk without assistance for 2 months due without risking the grafted vein from being damaged. After 1.5 months, I started walking using a walker and I was back to normal after about 4 months. Overall I’m very satisfied with the surgery as my walking posture has improved significantly. The resulting scars on my leg are fine scars unlike some big scars I see on other patients. My quality of life has improved as a result of my surgery.

From my personal experience, Dr Ng is a very professional and patient doctor, who always made sure I was in good health prior to and even after the operation. He does not rush and is always concerned about my overall health status. When I was going to be discharged, he also made it a point to share with my family members and myself about how to take care of my condition. After he moved to private practise from SGH, I continued to follow Dr Ng because he takes really good care of me as a patient, and we have since become friends.

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