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I first met Dr Ng when he was in Singapore General Hospital. Dr Ng was referred to me by a Prof. Doc in SGH as I was told rhinoplasty was Dr Ng’s speciality. When I met Dr Ng, I had non-permanent fillers (hyaluronic acid) in my nose already but because the fillers are not long lasting and they also created a broad looking bridge (a side effect of nose bridge fillers), so it was not a straight forward surgery.

I had read online that the fillers could be dissolved with hyaluronidase (an injectable enzyme solution that speeds the natural breakdown of hyaluronic acid) so I was very keen and impatient and wanted to go ahead with the Rhinoplasty surgery, however Dr Ng advised me and caution me against dissolving fillers, as there were cases of patients going blind with injections near the nose bridge areas. Hence I waited about one year for the fillers to naturally dissolve.

Dr Ng is very a meticulous and thorough doctor and takes the extra time to go through all the risks, pros and cons involved in rhinoplasty surgery as well as the different types. Dr Ng was very patient and listening to everything I said, and as I wanted an autologous rhinoplasty (using your own tissues and cartilage) He offered me the following options for my nose:

1. Rhinoplasty with Diced Cartilage Fascia

2. Rhinoplasty with Ear and Nose Cartilage

3. Rhinoplasty with Ear, Rib Cartilage

Because, my natural nose is small and flat, Dr Ng was afraid I did not have septal cartilage (nose cartilage) to create the type of nose I wanted; I wanted a small, defined, sharp tip nose. I was also very hesitant to use my Rib cartilage because I was worried of the scarring. However after much consideration I decided to go ahead with Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty because Dr Ng assured me the scar would be minimal and almost non visible after healing and that I would get the best results with Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty.

My surgery went very well and I did not experience any side effects from the general anesthesia. I had to wear a nasal splint for two weeks and also clean my nose gently. Dr Ng also adviced my boyfriend who was taking care of me on how to becareful in handling my nose and to take care of me. He is very caring and told us if there were any issues, we could call him or his nurses anytime.

After my nasal splint was removed, although it was still swollen, I was extremely happy with the look. Swelling annd brusing subsided by two weeks and now almost a year later, I can say I really love how natural yet sharp my nose looks. My mother who was highly against me going for surgery even complimented how natural and beautiful my nose looks.

I am very thankful to Dr Ng for my beautiful nose as he understood what I wanted and was able to not only meet but exceed my expectations.

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