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I am born with a broad nose with a low bridge. In 2013, I did an open rhinoplasty in Korea with nose implant and alarplasty. I was very unhappy with the result because it was not the nose I wanted. In fact my nose looked shorter. I ended up looking more effeminate.  Even though I brought along pictures of my ideal nose in various angles, my expectation was lost in translation. The consultation lasted only 20 minutes. Half the time was spent in translation. The doctor obviously didn’t know what I wanted. I felt the need to reconstruct my nose immediately after the surgery but did not proceed until February this year. I decided to look for a Singapore plastic surgeon this time. Dr Ng is the third doctor I consulted.

I like Dr Ng’s candid style. He has superb bedside manners. He is calm and very convincing. A very discerning doctor who pays attention to what the patient wants. I showed pictures of my dream nose. He was honest in highlighting what suits my facial features and pointed out the limitations on what he can do to improve my nose given the alarplasty that was done during my previous rhinoplasty by the Korean surgeon. Being a good listener, he could pick up immediately what I was looking for.  I felt very comfortable with him.

Right up to the last minute just before the surgery, I had wanted my nose bridge to be slightly broader. Dr Ng advised me against it as it would not complement my facial features. He emphasizes a great deal on facial features harmony. I decided to leave it to him to do what’s best for me. I’m glad I left the decision to him. All my friends and relative thought I look more manly and of course more handsome now! I am really very happy with the result.  Dr Ng is very skillful. I recovered well with hardly any swelling whereas my previous surgery had serious bruising and swelling.

I would highly recommend Dr Ng to friends. It is rare to find a doctor who spends time and listen to what his patient wants and firm enough to recommend what would suit them. He is kind, knowledgeable and skillful. The staff in the clinic are helpful and friendly. I love visiting his clinic.  Awesome view, classy ambience and super friendly and dedicated team!

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