Review on Rib Cartilage Open Rhinoplasty and fixation of zygomatic fracture

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The reason I had to do this surgery was because I fell on my face and broke my face, and also shattered the bone in my right cheek. Dr Ng did my surgery and it took a total of about 10+ hours. From what I heard from the nurses, this was a very long surgery and many junior doctors also wanted to take a look at my face after to see the end results.

I had an open rhinoplasty and open reduction internal fixation of my right orbital zygomatic fracture (cheek). For my cheek, I had two metal plates inserted into my cheek, one from my mouth and the other from the bottom of my eyes. For my nose, I had an open rhinoplasty where the implant entered under the nostrils.

The open rhinoplasty was done using my rib cartilage. Two of my ribs were carved out; one was for my nose bridge and the other was for the extension. Dr Ng said as I was of age, my cartilage was brittle and had no dexterity so I had to use a nose guard during recovery. Muscles was also taken from my right thigh (fascia graft) to buffer the rib for my nose bridge. Thereafter, fats taken from my inner right thigh was injected into my nose to correct the contour deformity.

I’m very satisfied with this procedure as my looks have changed for the better as well. Some of my friends do not recognize me, and my family members think I look much younger. While this procedure was a necessity for me as I broke my nose, however, it has way exceeded my expectations.

Within a week of my discharge, I fainted and fell flat on my nose. I went back to Dr Ng and after a careful assessment,  he advised that no revision was required. With his expertise, he injected fats from my stomach to patch the “hole” from the fall to let it heal naturally and I have since recovered.

Dr Ng is a doctor who is very willing to listen to my concerns. He is very responsible throughout the entire process and even ensured to remove the stitches himself as he thought that it was just as crucial as the surgery. As I followed Dr Ng from SGH to his current private practise, a three hour wait at SGH was very common, however everyone was willing to wait patiently because of Dr Ng’s professionalism.

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