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I regained my confidence after my breast reduction surgery with Dr Ng in Jan 2017. The scar is imperceptible. It also solved my backache problem which has been plaguing me for several years.

I am very well endowed since young. Massive weight gain after child birth and breast feeding took a toll on my body. My breast became very droopy after my baby was weaned off breast feeding. I have been plagued with this problem for several years. But did not have the courage to undergo breast reduction surgery because I was worried unsightly scars. I put the surgery on hold after consulted doctors overseas because I have been told that the scar would be very long and I cannot put down my arms naturally for several months.

Finally I plucked up the courage to undergo the surgery with Dr Ng after consulting him for the first time. He is very confident and assuring. He pays attention to detail and patiently address all my concerns. I decided immediately to go ahead with the surgery and I have never looked back since. The fear I had was totally uncalled for. I regained my confidence. The scar is imperceptible now.

Recovery was smooth with no surprises. I followed Dr Ng’s instruction on all the dos and don’ts. Every stage was according to what Dr Ng has anticipated.

Dr Ng has an aura about him. Even my husband would agree. Dr Ng has a calming effect on his patient. He has this unique ability to alleviate fear and make you feel very assured that you are in good hands.  During my recovery, I had a bout of hair loss. I was very depressed and refused to talk to anyone. My husband called Dr Ng to inform him of my condition. Despite his busy schedule, Dr Ng called me very late that night to assure me that the hair loss is transient. I felt much relieved after his reassurance. True enough, hair loss the problem was resolved shortly after that!  I have my crowning glory back now.

Dr Ng has a fabulous team of nurses. They are always cheerful, warm and energetic. Always willing to serve. No questions seem too silly.

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