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I had toyed with the idea of having excess fat removed from my torso and chest regions for some time but felt it was better to exercise it all off. After several years of attempting this I came across Dr Shens and his clinic in Singapore. I researched and compared having the procedure conducted in Thailand or Australia but once I met Dr Shens personally I was convinced he was the right choice for me. He was extremely professional, answering my many questions via email prior to my initial consultation. So when I finally met with him in his rooms in Singapore I booked the procedure for the following week.  I needed a general anaesthetic for the procedure so a specialist was needed to oversee this aspect. I was at all times treated with a delightful respect. Gently approached to make sure I felt comfortable and always attentively had my questions answered. The procedure went off without a hitch. I felt very little discomfort and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was able to safely make my way accompanied home. The following day my follow up was the first view I had of a greatly reduced me. I was ecstatic with the results.

At all times the staff and Dr Shens have treated me with kind respect. Respectful of my privacy, respectful of my comfort, respectful of any other needs. Was I thirsty, would I like a drink? Did I need any pain relief? Was there someone at home to properly look after me? I felt very safe and comfortable in what was an extremely vulnerable situation. My privacy has also been fully maintained as was my wish.

I followed up several days later to have stitches removed and a further follow up session with Dr Shens. The same care and attention continued.

I now have a further follow up later this week some 3 months later. As soon as I mentioned my name over the phone to the receptionist I was identified and questioned as to how I felt and was everything OK.  I made the further appointment to have the entry poont scars lasered, which is all part of the procedure. I was easily fitted into Dr Shens’ busy schedule.

I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Dr Shens and his people at the centre. Anyone considering any cosmetic procedures should make contact with and visit him as he will give you an honest and fair evaluation of any outcome. I am delighted with the results. I am almost back to full exercise and completely normal routine.

Thanks Dr Shens!

  • Mainnn

    Thanks for sharing!! Which areas did you get your Lipo done?? How much was it in total?

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