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This review is for my double eyelid surgery with Dr Ng Siew Weng in Singapore in Aug this year. The reason why I chose to have double eyelid surgery is because as I’m nearing 40, my eyelids are sagging. I have natural double eyelids, but the sagging causes my eyes to look small. So I want to have my eyes appear brighter and bigger and have my features more alert overall.

The procedure took about two hours, and was relatively painless as anaesthesia was used. It was a LA procedure, and I was awake the entire time. Dr Ng started on my left eye, and it was relatively painless. When he started on my right eye after finishing with my left eye, there was a slight discomfort as probably the anaesthesia wore off, but it was still very manageable.

Three months after the procedure, I’m proud to say I have very natural looking double eyelids. Dr Ng is a caring and professional doctor, and his operating theatre area is also very clean making me feel at ease. Dr Ng also answered all my questions and is very accommodating to my needs.

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