My review with double eyelid surgery and epicanthoplasty with Dr Andrew Tay

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Procedures done
– suture method double eyelid surgery
– medial epicanthoplasty
total cost : SGD5.2k

Selecting a doctor
After reading alot of reviews as well as talking to friends who had friends who did the double eyelid procedure, i had my choices narrowed down to Dr Hong and Dr Andrew Tay. I was very certain that I wanted to get the epi done as well as it makes quite a significant difference to the overall look.

I checked out both websites and called up the the clinics, the receptionist at Dr Hong’s clinic seems very unsure about epi and the costs involved, it also wasn’t stated on dr Hong’s website that he did this procedure. I felt more comfortable going to see Dr Tay for consultation.

Dr Tay took the time to explain to everything to me, did his measurements, gave me the full understanding of the risks involved and the expected results. He even told me that doing the double eyelid surgery + epi will make your eye look longer and slightly bigger but if I wanted the big-eye korean effect, it requires a surgery called Ptosis repair. This is where the muscles in the eyelid are tightened, a very invasive procedure and requires alot of down time.

Procedure: Suture Blephatoplasty

Pros: recovery is much quicker. You start to look normal after about 10 days. Takes about 3 months to look completely natural. This was impt for me as I work full-time and I cant take that many days off work to rest. The procedure is reversal; if anything goes wrong, its very simple to fix, unlike the incision method of double eyelid surgery

Cons: Not everybody is a good candidate for suture blephatoplasty, you cant have a “fatty” eyelid or droopy skin around the eyes. Also, the suture method has a ~5% failure rate where the stitches dont hold the double eyelid in place which would require you to do another surgery.

Procedure: Medial Epicanthoplasty

A procedure where the ‘mongolian eye fold’ is reduced. This requires cutting the inner corners of your eye and reshaping it to be more rounded.
this procedure it not that commonly done in Singapore as compared to S.Korea, therefore it was very vital for me to find a doctor that was skilled in it.

When doing my research, i saw some horror stories where the epi cut wasnt done properly and it resulted in too much tear duct being shown in the eye. People have also reported for issues controlling their tear ducts after botched epi surgeries.

Pros: when done together with the double eyelid surgery, the overall shape and look of the eye is much nicer.

Cons: not easily reversed if something goes wrong. the surgeon needs to be skilled enough to NOT remove too much skin from the inner corner of your eye. Some people experience scarring in the inner corner of the eye (thankfully didnt happen to me)

Having a plastic surgeon in Singapore means that you pay a higher premium BUT you get the benefits of proper follow up. The cost I paid included 3 follow ups (1 week, 1 month and 3 months after surgery) to ensure that scarring didnt occur.

Dr Tay informed me that if scarring started to show on the epi procedure and if its caught early ,he can inject steroids to reduce scarring. I felt that the follow ups were very important and honestly I wouldnt suggest people going overseas to get their procedures done.

Even though Dr Tay is very busy man, he never rushed through his consultations or procedures/follow ups. He is readily available by phone if you have anything that you are worried about. He does cost more than other plastic surgeons in Singapore but I felt like I made a very good choice.

Do note that it is tough to get an appointment for intital consultation with Dr Tay, typically it can take 4-6 weeks to get an appt so call early!

I don’t think I look drastically different nowadays, my eyes still arent huge. i think it was done very naturally. 10/10 would do it again.

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