My first time having dermal fillers done at Gangnam Laser Clinic

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(**Editor edit: Dr Daniel Chang has since moved to BK Medical Aesthetic Clinic Singapore.)

It was a very pleasant experience considering it was my first time visiting Gangnam Laser Clinic for dermal fillers treatment. The staff were friendly & so was Dr Chang. I shared with him that I had read up online about nose fillers & decided it was no harm trying since I had always wanted a nicer nose since young as I grew up with a considerably flat nose bridge.

He was very friendly and very professional and explained to me what he will be doing. (Example, he’ll also touch up abit on my “laugh lines” on my face to complete using the entire syringe of fillers etc.)

Throughout the entire procedure, he was always informing me every step he was proceeding with & will enquire if it was painful & if I am ok.

To be honest, I consider the entire procedure close to painless. All I felt was the needles that he injected, to numb the areas. I could also feel the fillers entering my nose & face but not feel the pain. ( I have a high tolerance of pain, which is why I have many ear piercings, tattoos on my body etc. Lol)

Dr Chang also often took the handheld mirror for me to inspect my nose & face after each filling.

After the entire procedure was over, he also prescribed Arnica Forte capsules for me to intake for the next 3 days for faster healing & lessen bruising if there be any.

Amazingly there was NOT any bruising nor marks appearing after my procedure & even now it is the day after my procedure but no signs of any bruises or whatsoever.

I also love the look of my nose now & how I can see the beautiful nose bridge which I had never ever seen before in my entire life. Lol.

A big Thank you to Dr Chang & the staffs at Gangnam Laser Clinic for making this experience such a pleasant one! 🙂

Attached with this review is a pic of how my nose (noticed i took it from my side profile to emphasize on the bridge & it looks so freaking natural) looks like after the procedure & up till now.


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