Facial Fracture Repair and Reconstruction With No Visible Scars

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My friends and relatives are very surprised that I had such significant injury and undergone a major reconstruction because they are not able to detect any deformity. Dr Ng is a highly skilled surgeon. His hands work wonders.

I had a fall and suffered a facial fracture on my left cheek. I was rushed to the A&E department of the hospital. I was fortunate to have met Dr Ng. He explained to my husband and myself the procedure in detail and managed my husband’s expectations and prepared him in my post-operative care. He is very experienced. Not many doctors bother to engage family members in the recovery process.

He performed the surgery on the same evening. 4 metal plates were inserted in my cheek, stitches along my lash line and eyebrow.  The post operative results is amazing! There were no visible scars on my face.I was on liquid diet for 3 months. Swelling and bruises subsided in 1-2 weeks.

Dr Ng is a friendly and caring doctor who makes time for his patients. He is always very positive and encouraging.

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