My eyebag removal and skin pinch surgery blepharoplasty review

Overall rating

Answered my questions

Made me feel confident

Staff professionalism

Overall waiting time

After care follow-up

The whole surgery procedure was hassle-free other then my own low threshold for pain. Pain was felt when the fats was being lifted up from the pocket to be snipped off.

Immediately after the surgery, for the first time I saw myself without eyebags under my eyes when I looked into the mirror. Swelling for the next few days was inevitable and I kept pressing icebag round my eyes throughout the days for a week. Propped up my head when I lay down.

I went back to office on the 6th day with my glasses on. Colleagues could see the slight change in my outlook but not knowing what had actually made the difference.

Had 2 or 3 rounds of review with Dr Shen during the recovery stage to ensure my well-being.
I would say that I look perfectly good in a month’s time and life is back to normal but in a renewed “self”!

No regrets!

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