Droopy eyelid (Ptosis) correction and eyebag removal review

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I have ptosis (droopy eyelid) on my right eye which was affected by my nerve after my fractured jaw surgery a few years ago. I did a ptosis surgery correction 2 years ago in the same hospital where I had my jaw surgery but was unsuccessful because my lid drooped again after 6 months as the doctor did not tighten the muscle (merely cut the eyelid only).

I decided to go for another corrective surgery and was glad to have found Dr Ng. I confirmed my surgery procedure on my first consultation. Ultimately, the surgery was successful. I now have natural looking double eyelid and it looks more prominent, better than my own natural double eyelid which was too thin. I’m glad that I have decided on Dr Ng as my surgeon and saved a trip of going to Korea to have my eyelid fixed. I also had my eyebags removed.

Dr Ng and his team were attentive and caring. Dr Ng reiterated on the process of surgery and also spent time preparing and simulating the thickness of my eyelid according to my requirement. It was painless during the surgery as I was sedated most of the time. Dr Ng is a very skillful professional and gives very detailed and thorough explanation. Most importantly I feel he is a caring and trustworthy doctor.

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