Ugly scar leftover from the stitches after day surgery

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I had a cut on my right cheek. Upon referral from a GP, I went to see Dr Hong. He performed a day surgery on my face right after. I was very nervous (if it will be nicely stitched up, will it leave an ugly scar). The surgery was done swiftly and quickly. After which I looked in mirror, its 6 stitches (horizontally) across the cut (vertically). I was told to come back in a week time to remove the stitches. I applied the ointment diligently during that week.

After removing the stitches, the procedure has left an ugly scar (uneven, dented, odd shape) right on my face. Disfigured my face. I wont dare to go back see him. I can’t cover the scar with makeup as the scar is uneven and dented. This is very traumatising for me. I hide at home, I cry, I just can’t go out to face people or let them see my face like this. My confidence and self esteem is severely affected.

Now, when I look in mirror, I see the very obvious scar. The scar becomes like a ‘worm-like shape, odd shape, uneven texture, sunken (depressed scar). It just looks like before (still a deep cut), and its definitely not what I expected. And this is right in the middle of my cheek, my face, a lady’s face. I’m not a heavy makeup person, just light makeup. I tried, using thicker foundation, concealer etc, but I’m not able to cover it nicely (like a broken gap on the cheek!).

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