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I’m from China, and I flew down to Singapore specially to consult with Dr Ng Siew Weng with him having been highly recommended by my friends.

My journey with Dr Ng started when i did laser to laser off the freckles on my face. In the meanwhile, Breast Augmentation was something which I have always wanted to do. I contemplated for a long time, and finally after understanding from Dr about this procedure and being confident in his skills, I decided to undergo the surgery this March 2016. My breast surgery went well, and I also healed well, much sooner than expected. It has been about 3 months since my surgery, and I’m more confident of my body, and I’m even able to wear sexy clothings. I’m very satisfied with the positioning and structure of my new breasts.

I also underwent laser vaginal rejuvenation. It was an easy process, effective and not much discomfort.

Dr Ng Siew Weng is very patient and I feel is a very good doctor, that’s why I’m willing to fly down to Singapore specially for his services. I have also recommended my friends to the clinic. I return to Singapore in two months to see Dr Ng.

This patient was interviewed by PlastyTalk in mandarin.

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