Breast Augmentation Revision: New shape and repair of left ‘twitching’ boob

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My first boob surgery was 10 years ago in the USA – silicone, round and through the armpit. The result was good except for the left boob was twitching (because of the muscle) and the boobs sat slightly high on my chest. The American surgeon wanted to do a revision but I hesitated because the recovery and aftercare was a little traumatic. Also I had moved to academia and hit the road so I had no time! (visited over 45 countries, lived in 4 of them). It was either the language barrier, uncertainty, or lack of backup medical coverage in the hosting country that concerned me so I went 10 years with my left boob twitching to the point of waking me up in the nights. And to make things worse I received so many rude comments from academic colleagues because the boobs looked so obvious (and because scientists are so rude…).

After moving to Singapore I had a couple months free and started checking for a surgeon. I found Dream Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery and read Dr. Vincent Yeow’s information but I could not find any reviews on his BA work. He seemed to have a really good background though so I was really curious. After meeting him I could see this man really knows what he is doing, I could feel it.

So this is a elongated summary of the brief notes I scribbled down after I had left his office for the consultation:
-He was very concise which made the process mentally easy. I just told him what I wanted and he took care of the rest. I cannot handle being overloaded with info in a field unfamiliar to me
-He observed overall body proportions, emphasizing that the boobies and derrière should balance well. This is really important…i feel silly that i wasn’t paying much attention to this.
-He had a very good office setup (particularly the mirror, so that both the patient and him can observe and discuss at the same time).
-He was quite confident and unsurprised when I suddenly showed him my asymmetric ‘twitching’ boob. In fact, it took him only a matter of seconds to explain both what was going on and exactly how he would fix it. Some other surgeons appeared a little stressed when they saw it.
-He is extremely pleasant, charming and fun, this was the most important part for me because usually I get very stressed around doctors, especially when they use medical terms in a scary way. I was once told by a vision doctor that I could not integrate space and time…it gave me nightmares for years.
-They quoted one packaged price without any confusion or extra surprises.
-There was plentiful staff, they seemed on form and happy to work with him.
-During the consultation he seemed super focused and ready to get to work.
I saw some other doctors, they were also good but he was really the one I wanted. And actually everything went just fine, no nausea, recovery was smooth, only had morning boob for a couple of days.

My boobs are a completely new shape now, really cute and a very natural look. He is really good at customising the boobie shape to ones specific body type and personal style. I have the volume I want but at the same time can wear a V-neck without looking silly…I really wish I had these boobs during my soutenance de thèse.

Also the wait time was very short for email inquiries, consultations and followup appointments.  They really work hard…everything was taken care of quickly while still maintaining the high quality.  I definitely recommend this team for premium service and minimum discomfort!

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