Reality TV star’s botched Boob Job in Bangkok – One big and One small

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The Aussie bombshell rose to fame of Big Brother and has since become Insta-famous, raking in countless sponsorship deals for her red hot selflies.

SKYE Wheatley in Bikini

But the blonde’s world was turned on its head after the botched overseas breast augmentation operation left her with a “double bubble” in her right asset.

“I’ll never be able to get my tits out with a boy again…I’ve got less self confidence than ever,” she confessed, explaining that the damage was as much psychological as physical.

SKYE Wheatley botched boob job in Bangkok

“My boobs are still wonky but where before my left one was bigger, this time it’s my right,” she added to Daily Star.

She warned fans and prospective nip and tuckers to think very carefully before going under the knife abroad.

“Don’t, it’s not worth it. If something goes wrong you have to pay for another flight to more costs to get it fixed,” she continued.

“Do your research, I wish I had done mine better.”

SKYE Wheatley in bikini before botched breast job

Having racked up 250,000 Instagram followers, it’s safe to say Skye has a pretty big platform when it comes to sharing her words of wisdom.

In fact, the hottie’s empire has grown so big that she launched a separate account last year in which she sells her second hand clothes, provocatively modelled of course.

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