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Unlike Hollywood that is open with the big bad world of sex, drugs and plastic surgery, the K-pop industry loves keeping everything under wraps and going to great lengths to deny any involvement in plastic surgery.

This is why the Korean entertainment media spends most of their time speculating or rather gossiping about celebrities who’ve gone under the knife.

Today, instead of speculating, we’re here to discuss facts, and the band up for our dissemination is K-pop girl group Rania.


Lee Tae Eun Plastic Surgery Transformation

This five member girl group needs no introduction, so let’s start our Rania plastic surgery thesis with sub vocalist Lee Tae Eun, better known as Ta-e to fans.

With her school girl charm and her baby face, it’s no wonder Ta-e was a model for Model School Looks school uniforms before her Rania days.

She also appeared in the 3D movie Hype Nation so it looks like Ta-e is no stranger to fame and the sacrifices you have to make to get your foot in the door.

Could one of the sacrifices be altering your looks with Rania plastic surgery?

Your nose is the most prominent feature on your face. Although it can’t move or change shape and merely sits on your face, it is a sort of decorative item that can make or break your face.

Think about it, wouldn’t everyone look SO much better if we all had sharp, slender noses?

Have you met a person who ever looked good with a flat nose? *Crickets*. Our point exactly. This being said, it’s no surprise that Ta-e felt the need to fix her most prominent feature.

Her nose wasn’t exactly her best feature. Ta-e probably tried  to live with her nose but having to constantly see it on gossip sites looking less than perfect must have driven her to get Rania plastic surgery. Ta-e’s nose job is subtle but noticeable.

One can see the increase in the height of her nasal bridge and better definition towards the tip. We’re not a fan of drastic makeovers so this Rania plastic surgery suits us just fine.

There’s subtle and then there’s in your face. The above Rania plastic surgery is the latter. If you haven’t already spotted it, it’s Ta-e’s eyes.

The singer has unimpressive eye size in the first picture, but the second picture sees her elevated to pop star material. Coincidence or Rania plastic surgery?

To be fair, we’ll credit her excellent make up skills too, but there’s no denying she’s had epicanthoplasty to lengthen her eyes horizontally and blepharoplasty for that all elusive extra eye fold.

The after results have got Ta-e looking more manga doll than sleepy student!


Jang Jin Young aka Xia Plastic Surgery Transformation

Our Rania plastic surgery review continues with Jang Jin Young, better known to fans as Xia.

Before her debut with Rania, Xia was a model for Suiskin Cosmetics so as such we know she probably had luminous skin.

But what about her facial features? Did they match up to model expectations or did she get a little Rania plastic surgery help? Let’s find out.

Rhinoplasty is listed as the third most dangerous surgical procedure, yet from the looks of it, you’d think it was more a lunch time pop in than a full day of hospitalization and general anaesthesia.

From the looks of it, Xia is one of those people willing to risk her health in the name of beauty. Was it worth it?

Hmm, judging by her after pictures, we think that if you’re going to get Rania plastic surgery the results should be jaw dropping.

While her nose bridge is taller and slimmer and the tip has been reshaped, we think Xia’s surgeon could’ve done a better job on this one!


Kim Da Rae aka Di Plastic Surgery Transformation

The Rania plastic surgery line up keeps changing.  But Kim Da Rae, aka Di has been the mainstay of the girl group.

Come what may, the main rapper gives edge to the music and is definitely here to stay. Just like her constant presence in the group, Di’s looks have not altered much post debut.

Unlike her group mates who have relied on Rania plastic surgery to get where they are, the only drastic change we note from Di is her hair colour!

In a plastic surgery mad world, we’d like to salute Di for not letting the pressures of the industry get to her!


Sharon Park Plastic Surgery Transformation

Newest newcomer Sharon Park is the latest to join Rania, and from what we know, she’s 25 and a former shop model.

No ugly pre debut pictures of her just yet but fret not, we’re pretty sure they’ll be making their rounds on the internet soon enough and when they do we’ll be the first to document it!


Yoo Joo Yi aka Jooyi Plastic Surgery Transformation

Our Rania plastic surgery analysis ends with Yoo Joo Yi better known to fans as Jooyi. If you’ve heard Jooyi sing then you know she’s the real deal and it’s no surprise too as Jooyi is the main vocalist of the group.

The singer has a degree from DIMA Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts and did duets with famous singers in OSTs. Could someone as professional as Jooyi have a side of her that is vain enough to drive her to seek Rania plastic surgery?

Rhinoplasty seems to be the flavour du jour of Rania plastic surgery as Jooyi seems to be the third member who’s undergone this procedure.

Her pre debut nose wasn’t the envy of many due to its  lack of height, access of flesh and oversized tip! Thank goodness for Rania plastic surgery or Jooyi would’ve been stuck with that ugly nose forever.

She now has the features completely opposite of what we described beforehand.


Let’s take a look at the girls transformation with Rania plastic surgery. Check out their evolution right before your eyes!

They were pretty before but now they’re beyond stunning thanks to Rania plastic surgery!

We’ve got to say, that in comparison to other K-pop girl bands, the procedures and numbers for Rania plastic surgery seem pretty tame.

In an industry where looks matter as much as talent, we won’t be surprised if the numbers don’t stay the same for long!

[Photo credit: onehallyu, allkpop, fanpop, soompi, kpopstarz, kpopnews, imgurkid, neogaf, 7raniagirls, sumandu, jpopnews]


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