[Part 2] Question & Answer on Rhinoplasty by Dr Ng Siew Weng

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In part 1 of Dr Ng Siew Weng’s sharing, we learnt of what a Rhinoplasty does to our face and just which method would deliver the most ideal result. But like any surgery, post operation preparation is just as important as pre operation.

In part 2 of the sharing session, Dr Ng gives us a better understanding of what to expect after your post Rhinoplasty procedure.


Qns: What can we expect right after surgery?

Ans: Right after surgery, patients will find 2 sponges inside their nose as this prevents a bloody nasal and this will only be removed 48 hours later.

After which, a metal splint is stuck to the stable nose, this molds the shape of the nose and prevents the movement of the implant. The metal splint will be removed about 2 weeks later.

Qns: Are there any foods and lifestyle changes after the surgery?

Ans: Again, there aren’t any foods to abstain from after the surgery. It is best to avoid smoking during the recovery period.

Qns: How fast does the scarring fade?

Ans: Scar cream will be given to my patients. This helps the fading and recovery of the scars. Also, the scarring depends on the expertise of the surgeon. The more centralized the scar, the faster it heals, but the most visible it is while the lower the scar, the slower it heals but the less visible the scar is. A skilled surgeon will be able to cut at a specific point for patients to achieve the best of both worlds.

Qns: How long does it take for the swelling to go down?

Ans: For the swelling to go down completely, it takes about 6 months.

Qns: How long does it take for the nose to blend in naturally with the other facial feature and for people to not suspect a Rhinoplasty done?

Ans: Swelling typically goes down in 2 weeks after rhinoplasty, however, there might be residual swelling. By 1 month, your nose starts to look completely natural and would be imperceptible to the unprofessional eye.

Qns: Are there any post surgery care to take note of?

Ans: Prop your pillow up for 2-4 weeks to prevent swelling. Be careful not to exert yourself physically. Try to avoid sneezing and do not rub your nose.

Qns: When can I go back to work and exercise?

Ans: Patients are able to go back to work in about 2 weeks. And as for exercise, they are able to return to their light exercise in 1-2 months time but as for heavy exercise, wait 3 months before returning to it.

Qns: Are there any tips to hasten recovery?

Ans: I would recommend herbal extracts to expedite the healing process.

Qns: Do you have any tips for patients?

Ans: It is vital that patients feel at ease with their surgeons and their surgeons should give them a comprehensive understanding about the Rhinoplasty surgery that they will be undergoing.

To have a surgeon who is trust worthy and be more than willing to see you through the entire process till post op is something patients should look for in their choice for their surgeon.

Patients tend to be price conscious, but it is important to know that it is the end result that matters ultimately and they should find a surgeon who can deliver the most optimal result for them.


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