[Part 1] Question & Answer on Rhinoplasty by Dr Ng Siew Weng

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The nose, being the centerpiece on our faces, is one of the most, if not the most important facial feature. And while the Asian nose is one that typically lacks height and length, it results in a disharmonious overall facial countour.

Getting a Rhinoplasty can change our facial appearance drastically and brings harmony to our countenance, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing facial contour. As Rhinoplasty is one of the most tedious and challenging plastic surgery procedures, it is important to learn more about what Rhinoplasty entails.

One of the most experienced and adept plastic surgeons in the Rhinoplasty department, Dr Ng Siew Weng, shares with us more about the Rhinoplasty process from start to finish.

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Qns: Who are the suitable candidates for a Rhinoplasty?

Ans: It is suitable for anyone who seeks for a dorsum change, a more projected and refined nose tip, a dorsal hump correction and an overall change in facial appearance for the better.

Qns: What are the different types of methods for a nose job (Rhinoplasty)?

There are 3 methods to improve the appearance of the nose.

1) Fillers

Fillers is typically a quick fix method for those who suffer from dorsal insufficiency. Fillers can only fix one aspect of the nose; the height. This is recommended for people who would like a taste of how their nose will turn out should they opt for a Rhinoplasty procedure.

Some people get fillers done to their nose when they’ve got an important function or event to attend. The results are not permanent.

2) Closed Rhinoplasty

A closed Rhinoplasty is one that tries to achieve results like an open rhinoplasty. However, due to its limitations and restrictions (the surgeon will not be able to fully view the inside of the nose), the results are thus less optimal than an open Rhinoplasty.

3) Open Rhinoplasty

Open Rhinoplasty is the best option to get the most ideal nose. This is because the surgeon is able to flip over the nose and have a thorough comprehension of the structure of the nose, the ability to maneuver freely allows the surgeon to alter the minutest of detail. Thus open Rhioplasty should be the option if one wants the best possible outcome for their nose.

Qns: What are the pros and cons of the above methods?

Pros of Fillers:                                     Cons of Fillers:

– It is a quick procedure.                      – It is not permanent
– It has no downtime                            – There is a risk of infection

Pros of Closed Rhinoplasty:          Cons of Closed Rhinoplasty:

– Results are permanent                     – It isn’t under direct vision thus
– It doesn’t leave a scar                         surgeons are limited

– It can only try to achieve results
open Rhinoplasty offers

Pros of Open Rhinoplasty:             Cons of Open Rhnoplasty

– Results are permanent                     – It leaves a scar
– It gives the most ideal result
– It is open to all aspects
– Plastic surgeons are able to
alter the minutest of detail

Qns: What can the a Rhinoplasty surgery do for me?

A Rhinoplasty is more than a surgery for the nose. In fact, a Rhinoplasty can change more than one facial feature. It allows the eyes to come slightly closer and is able achieve the result of a canthoplasty. As such, patients who want to alter their nose and the shape the inner corners of their eyes will be able to achieve both with just a single Rhinoplasty procedure.

Rhinoplasty also gives the face is more 3D appearance. Not only is it able to rejuvenate the face, a Rhinoplasty also decreases the nasal fold.

With just an alteration to the nose, it is able to revitalize many parts of the face, giving the face a fresher and younger appearance.

Qns: Are there any dietary or lifestyle change before a Rhinoplasty?

Ans: There aren’t any foods to abstain from. As for lifestyle change, it is good to stop smoking.

Read more for a continuation of this series in Part 2 of Q&As on Rhinoplasty.


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