10 Post Breast Augmentation Q&As by Dr Colin Tham

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In part 1 of Dr Colin Tham’s sharing session, our expert has shed light on the different methods you can adopt when getting a breast augmentation as well as preparations for pre-breast augmentation.

In part 2, Dr Colin Tham will be giving his Doctor opinion insight on post breast augmentation care and expectations. Just what are some of the post surgery care and tips you should be aware of to give you the most-smooth sailing recovery? Dr Colin Tham is here with the answers.

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1) What is the post surgery care for breast augmentation?

Ans: There will be antibiotics and painkillers provided.  Patients are advised to keep the dressings clean and dry. It is important to put on surgical bras for the 1st 10 days and and stitch removal will take place 9 days after surgery. Also, patients should avoid heavy upper body exercises for 3 weeks.

2) Scarring after surgery for the different methods? What can be done to remove it?

Ans: Fillers usually leave no scars.  Fat transfer has a <3mm scar which is inconspicuous.  Implants will have a 3+cm scar.  I usually provide free lasers to my surgical patients to “erase” their scars.

3) Foods to avoid after surgery?

Ans: None unless allergic.  They are all myths.

4) When to go back to work/exercise for the different breast augmentation methods?

Ans: Regardless of method, most of our patients return to work within 1-2 days.  Exercise (except upper body) can be resumed within the 1st week.  .  No heavy upper body exercises for 3 weeks.

5) Why must workouts be avoided, why is the reason behind it?

Ans: For fat transfer and fillers, the avoidance of heavy upper body exercise for 3 weeks is to avoid shifting or loss of the fat / filler.  For breast implants, the avoidance is simply from a comfort standpoint.

6) What is the recovery time for Fillers vs Implants vs Fat grafting?

Ans: For filler, most return to work the next day.  For fat transfer and implants, most return to work within 1-2 days.  For fat transfer, there is the recovery of the donor area to consider; there will be bruising, discomfort and swelling there too.  For implants, there is usually minimal bruising, but the chest discomfort is more than the other methods.

7) How to hasten the recovery process?

Ans: Medications are given to control the discomfort and relieve swelling.  Enough rest, hydration, balanced diet and continuing with daily activities also help.   Vitamin C supplements are good.

8) How long does it take before the swelling goes down?

Ans: Variable, typically 80% down by the 1st week.

9) How long before the breast becomes natural looking and natural to the touch?

Ans: Also variable, but it is usually fairly natural by the 1st month.

10) Any tips for patients from personal experience?

Ans: The most important thing for patients is not to compromise on the desired result based on fear of certain things, such as surgery or foreign materials.  From experience, patients who have compromised, eventually undergo the more suitable option; they’ve just spent more and taken longer to get what they truly want.


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